Are Girl Scouts annoying when they come to your door?

Posted by: JasperFrancisShickadance

They sell cookies, popcorn, and occasional Raffle tickets--all around your neighborhood. What do you think about them?

  • No

  • Yes

60% 9 votes
40% 6 votes
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ben671176 says2014-07-08T17:30:35.1452179-05:00
Why do still have that vote, I exited out!
JasperFrancisShickadance says2014-07-08T17:32:06.7796179-05:00
@ben67176 What do you mean?
ben671176 says2014-07-08T17:33:03.1424179-05:00
I wanted to add a comment. Wait I'll to the other side and come back.
ben671176 says2014-07-08T17:35:22.5440179-05:00
Never mind I'll move to the other side.

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