Are Government Regulations & Interventions Making Healthcare Too Expensive?

Posted by: DavidMGold

  • YES! Government interventions into healthcare have made it one of the most heavily regulated industries creating a litany of distortions in the markets making it too expensive whereas freer, competitive markets such as lasik eye surgery are getting cheaper.

  • NO! Government control is unquestionably good and it should continue to regulate the market out of existence until it can step in take full control over the market with a state monopoly.

90% 9 votes
10% 1 votes
  • If you control a person's healthcare, you control their lives.

  • When the government interferes in any market in can only substitute basic functions of the economy with artificial ones. This can cause supply to decrease or increase without demand changes and therefore rising or lowering price artificially. No matter what happens, it has drastic effects on the economy because when one factor of the economy is pushed up it creates an unbalanced system. This is the same in the health insurance market because, naturally, there are x suppliers of health insurance and z customers of health insurance, which through a system of calculations will give a natural price of y. What government regulators don't understand is that y cannot move independently, and when it does it drags the mdeium of the economy with it. That is why millions of people lost their plans due to ObamaCare and investors lost faith in the sector which brought the companies' profits down which then perpetuated the cycle again. It wasn't just the health insurance sector that lost money, either. In a free market every industry is linked to every other industry on different levels (just like the law of gravity) so what investors lost interest in the insurance suppliers it effected employers and banks and producers and consumers.

  • This is a no-brainer because when you have free government healthcare, everybody's going to choose that option. As the private healthcare companies are going to have trouble making money.

  • I don't believe government control is "unquestionably" good but healthcare doesn't belong in a free market trade. I support universal healthcare systems like the rest of the sane and non-barbaric first world citizens.

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DavidMGold says2014-11-08T11:27:09.8975893-06:00
Discomfiting, why bother denying it if in the same breath you disprove it, "...Doesn't belong in a free market trade." You irrationally support universal systems despite the fact the U.S. is the leader in responsiveness to patients’ needs in choice of provider, dignity, autonomy, timely care, and confidentiality while outcomes for specific diseases are the best in the U.S. Undoubtedly you've never bothered looking at these other systems that benefit from American medical advances in technology, new medications, etc.

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