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billsands says2019-02-16T00:26:07.9982739Z
They can be if not restricted properly by laws
kiarakilian says2019-02-16T02:15:24.0180061Z
The sad reality is mass shootings have become so so common. Guns if used correctly and by the right people aren’t bad however it gives the wrong person an easier way to murder a larger amount of peolple. Gun control is a difficult issue. It’s upsetting that this many people are filled with enough hate or are just not mentally well to the point where they take people’s lives. Guns alone are not evil however an evil person with a gun can do a lot of damage.
politicsfortherun says2019-02-16T18:48:28.0921381Z
I agree, It’s not the gun it’s the person.
Asehowl says2019-02-17T09:40:56.9630484Z
What are guns for in the first place, Beside from hunting?
MitchV says2019-02-19T07:53:36.0643069Z
@Billsands, Restricting who is allowed a gun is fine. Numerous people shouldn't be around anything more dangerous than a butter knife. There should be no restriction on what kinds of guns a sane law abiding person can get. @kiarakillan, Knives, Cars, And planes also give bad people an easier way to murder a larger amount of people. @Asehowl, Besides hunting, They are often used for target shooting and the protection of others. My shooting trophies sit on the mantel and not on the wall.
debater_15 says2019-02-19T22:28:41.0550723Z
I think that guns should be banned. All you hear is politicians saying that they will have deeper background checks. People will always find a way to get guns illegally. I think that we should just stop all of the violence and ban them completely. They have torn this nation apart and this would stop school shooting because these people would never get access to guns in the first place.
smokey0990 says2019-03-18T12:13:24.6922419Z
Yep ban all guns because only police should have them, I mean it's not like they've been doing anything bad with guns lately right? A gun ban would render the (law abiding) population completely powerless against anything the government decides to do. It's a classic dictator move. Banning guns would also result in a massive increase to cartel gun trading operations. As was pointed out above criminals will always find a way to get guns. Ex-cons usually aren't legally allowed to acquire a gun as it stands now, But they still have them. Those trying to throw about statistics should probably take a closer look at the numbers. If the numbers you're looking at don't differentiate between legally and illegally obtained firearms then they really have no place in the discussion. When you start leaving out facts beforehand it's easy to come up with scary statistics.
Dirty_Harry says2019-04-06T21:46:25.0006502Z
No they aren't.

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