• Yes, they are far too focused on memorization and should focus more on cognitive ability and free-thinking

  • No, High Schools have a good balance of memorization and other skills.

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  • I definitely think so, but the freethinking approach is often screwed up by education specialists

  • They're trying to dumb our kids down with bad schooling, vaccines, and chemicalized water so that when the 2016 election comes around, everyone will be to brianwashed to care. then 0Bama will get elected. and then he will establish his life long goal of a Socialized Islamist Zionist New WOrld Order!111! WAKE UP SHEEPLE!!11111111

  • This is among the largest flaws in Chinese schools. High schools in the United States don't seems as memory focused though

    Posted by: Foxian
  • What I have learnt from high school are mostly theories. For example, during physics, chemistry class I have never been to lab. I do not understand what are the clear purpose of theories, but what I can do is to remember tons of formula and prepare for exams.

  • Most of the subjects we study require memorising skills.

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BlackFlags says2015-10-25T22:41:23.5840282Z
Students are treated as numbers and statistics. A piece of machinery on an assembly line, becoming meaningless cogs turning the gears of the productive beast of burden that is the national economy.
ImmortalVoddoler says2015-10-28T13:57:30.9602326Z
Since my school's computers are terrible at doing things correctly, let me post my response down here. (Prepare for Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix spoilers!) Delores Umbridge said that the main purpose of school is to pass your exams. Umbridge was too focused on memorization to realize that the students of Hogwarts needed help in actually doing the things that she was supposed to be teaching. Because of this, and I think I'm speaking for everyone here, I wanted Umbridge to die before Voldemort.

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