Are homosexuals smarter than heterosexuals?

Posted by: blackkid

That genetic leg up and all?

  • Yes!

  • No!

5% 1 votes
95% 19 votes
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Najs says2015-05-28T20:06:04.0071131-05:00
Intelligence would be based on the individual, regardless of their sexuality.
Yannis3214 says2017-04-18T04:24:10.2412689Z
1.You have hate in your heart and no desire to forgive a people who've done nothing to you plus you have no real intention of helping them go to God do you?That's just stupid with that frame of mind you aren't fully living the Christian lifestyle/in The Fruit of The Spirit so if you can't fix that please have fun joining them. 2.Heterosexuals are the majority of AIDS carriers so if they're so smart where is their cure at? PSLack of relationships and being more respondsible and tidy they on average end up in much better carrers than heterosexuals and always never cause accidental grand-children for their parents.(This was written by a straight Christian so please make sure your insults make sense when you right them)Aimed at bottom two guys here------------->

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