• Yes

  • No

50% 10 votes
50% 10 votes
  • When times get tough like the Great Depression people in Germany, Italy, And Japan morph from regular, Docile, And normal people into demons that kill millions of those who simply believe something different than them. I think that people are inherently stupid and follow the leader which can lead to peace or genocide. Because of this I think that humans are evil, Those who are evil are those that are easily malliable by bad environments and that is exactly what humans are.

  • A person who was raised in a violent atmosphere will later in life reflect the same behavior as was showed to them. If anyone has read the article about Matthew Shepard what was done to him proves that humans are inherently cruel. Aaron McKinney one of his assailants, Was raised in a violent house hold, And because of the way he was raised he beat Matthew thirty times with the butt of his gun. Aaron then tied Matthew to a fence and burned him alive. This cruelty was partially because of how he was raised. So yes I believe that humans are inherently evil

  • As a human I find this offensive!

  • No one views themselves as evil, And no one simply wants to be evil. If someone is evil, It was because of someone else who was doing something that they thought was right. I don't think that Hitler realized that what he was doing was wrong. I don't think that there's anyone capable of living on if they knew that they were the cause of all that hatred.

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