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Yes, we're dominant

We are one of the most intelligent species and are the reason why a variety of species aren't extinct. The world wouldn't be able to thrive without humans. Although, humans may be a destructive species as a collective, we have benefited ourselves an... d other species more than any other   more
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No, we're delusional

All species are equal in value, and you cannot measure value off of something quite foreign. In the Early 1900's, Americans & Europeans called those who killed foreigners in China "boxers" because they were ignorant to Chinese culture altogether, it...  is the same with humans and other animals. We have no true grasp or understanding of other species because we are still developing understanding of ourselves. There is no 'most valuable' species, nor are we dominant   more
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No, because capability has nothing to do with value

Humans have the most impact (positively and negatively) on this earth, but that does not make them greater. That is the same as saying 3 year old children are less valuable than adults because they are less intelligent and developed. We are respon... sible for shaping other species growth   more
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