Are labor unions useful anymore?

Posted by: StarTrek

Choose between the following. I look forward to your answers. You might believe they are, they kind of are, or they aren't at all. Many states are moving from labor unions because they believe that labor unions help increase prices and inflation by sometime asking for outrageous salaries. I want to know your take on this.

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Not as useful as they used to be.

They used to be honorable organizations now they are no better than big corporations. They are businesses themselves by taking money from the working poor. Every time they help get a person a pay raise, they increase the dues. The increased payment ... for each work coupled with corporations' greediness causes prices and inflation to rise in the national economy   more
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They never were.

They have always been about making money. The chairmen of labor unions get huge salaries paid for by huge labor dues. They work out deals were they give money to candidates and parties to win an election and in turn, they will make sure every worker...  in a particular field has no choice but to join an union and pay dues   more
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They are very useful.

The labor union dues are nothing compared to the pay increases that workers get. The government is too influenced by big corporate America. The workers need somebody to represent them.
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