Are loners or "people persons" more likely to have a mental illness?

Posted by: GeneToy

  • Loners more likely mentally ill.

  • People persons more likely mentally ill.

71% 5 votes
29% 2 votes
  • We are naturally sociable creatures, chosing isolation is a possible indicator of some issue. Being in solitary confinment will make you unstable probably so isolating yourself is not good either. We need contact.

  • I'm a loner, and I'm positive I'm not mentally ill. If anything groups become mentally ill when they allow themselves to bend to the will of their patriarch/matriarch, which there is always one in every group. Kinda' like the average American bending to the will of the federal government because they've been taught to trust a likely untrustworthy government. Just look at the Obama Care scandal of "stupid" Americans just doing how the government do, or even the lack of protest about Obama's amnesty plan that people would rather ignore to b**** about Ferguson. But I'm off topic, essentially if people would just try to get to know a loner they may just be surprised at what they might learn from the experience.

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dbushwacker says2014-11-28T12:59:40.9969751-06:00
Oh and, those of you who think we do have some sort of disorder must be very ignorant if they think all loners have a disorder. Some perhaps, but perhaps it is people who don't give them any of their time that cause such orders to exist, there is always a cause and effect to everything and just like everything in this world much of it is centered around the decisions we make. *sigh* such a pity, the world still has some distance to go yet, *sigh*.
GeneToy says2014-11-28T15:11:19.7559235-06:00
Well it's obvious that you feel strongly about this topic. I'm glad you have commented on my question. I'm concerned though, that this statement, "Oh and, those of you who think we do have some sort of disorder must be very ignorant" will discourage an open discussion. My question is not meant as a challenge to anybody. I apologize if it comes across that way.
Haroush says2014-11-29T13:37:20.6202128-06:00
Kreakin, I believe you are wrong. What about these people who live in Alaska? They seem perfectly fine to me. Many of them live in isolation and they are fine. Myself I would like to live there. Does that mean I am more likely to have a mental health disorder? No. As a matter in fact, look at sociopaths like Casey Anthony. Is that not a mental health disorder? Also, there are many mental health diagnosis that have to do with sociable people.
dbushwacker says2014-11-29T17:05:41.6537067-06:00
@GeneToy, sorry about that comment, I was feeling very radical and uncompromising at that point of time. By all means I was attempting to provoke some response there for debate but I agree it could have been too much. Hopefully you haven't taken it personally, I've had a lot of time is solitude due to how groups of people have treated me in the past, so in turn I did get a bit heated. And I agree Haroush, solitude makes your own man at times, of course I believe that people should have contact with others sometimes so that they remain tolerant of the outside world but solitude is a different kind of test that not many people are willing to undertake and perhaps that is why it is frowned upon. But nevertheless solitude does not mean you are mentally ill, for me it is my way of making up my own mind about things and standing up for them in the same breath, so in a way I apologize to you GeneToy if things did not come out right, but at the same time I will not apologize for what I've said because everything I've said is what I believe and unless someone challenges me otherwise I will not apologize on that behalf.
Kreakin says2014-12-01T15:58:35.9971596-06:00
@Haroush - The key thing is that you said "people" that live in Alaska, this is still a community and this is the lifestyle they have adapted to. Most of use on the otherhand live in communities, I, like you, do not crave social contact but that is because i do not enjoy it. Maybe I'm on the autisic spectrum or maybe that is just me, but I do know that too long along is not good for you..

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