Are monogamous relationships really monogamous ?

Posted by: cosecant


  • Sure...

  • Something Always Slips In...

82% 9 votes
18% 2 votes
  • Yes, its a tautology.

    Posted by: MrJosh
  • Yes. I believe so. I know I've been married 32 years & I haven't cheated. Have I been flirted with? Yes. Have I had offers? Yes. The key is being happy ... showing that ring ... and saying, "No!" As for my hubby ... I believe he's been faithful too. His parents divorced, when he was a teen. It was something that he was determined to avoid, even before we married. Some people just aren't wired to be monogamous, so they can't imagine it. For others, changing mates seems easier than staying faithful (especially during a tough time). That's their problem. It doesn't mean that monogamy can't & doesn't exist! You have to work at a relationship. If you are too lazy to do that, you probably won't stay committed to one person.

  • Yes or they wouldn't be monogamous relationships.

  • It's entirely possible, but some people choose not to do it.

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