Are Multiple Gender Identities and Sexualities legitimate

Posted by: Tiffany89

Anyone active on social media or the Internet must've heard of this recent phenomenon. The LGBT community has come up with a diverse set of gender identities in various predominantly liberal corners of the Internet. This is based on the idea that gender is a social construct and sex is biological, which has been criticized by a moderate amount of people. A link to the definitions of the multiple genders/sexualities can be found here:

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No they aren't real

Many scientific critics of this idea say that in gender, biology and social behavior are closely intertwined and you can't really just evenly separate sex and gender.
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Yes they are completely real

Gender is a social construct while sex is biological. People should be able to express whichever identity suits them most. Being more in touch with yourself makes you more prosperous.
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It's been proven scientifically with brain scans, twin studies, and in countless other ways. Gender isn't binary, both socially and scientifically and it's been proven.

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reece says2017-04-30T01:28:32.2622948Z
Subdeo, there is gender, and then there is sex.
Aus1028 says2017-05-03T01:25:22.2429859Z
The "gender=genitalia" argument is, quite frankly, bs. Genitalia is not always (read: usually) not black and white, and the same goes for chromosomes and DNA. While science doesn't necessarily back up the "multiple genders" theory, it definitely does say that gender is not binary.
reece says2017-05-03T05:34:05.7471052Z
And going by their Latin origens, yes, it is quite frankly bs. Gen means either birth or kind in Latin.
TheMarketLibertarian says2017-09-13T00:59:23.6752348Z
False- Gender is exactly the same as sex, they're synonyms. If you have a penis you're male, if not you're female.

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