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No ,I don't think they are bad.They are just normal sane individual.

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Yes,they are sick,vile,violent,and a danger to nation.

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We should nuke middle east.Muslim population should go to extinction.

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Black-Jesus says2016-07-15T08:17:58.0803498Z
I'm sorry but I have to: "Are muslims a death threats to the world ?" should be "Is Islam a death treat to the world?" "Yes,they are sick,vile,violent,and a danger to nation." should be "Yes, they are sick, vile, violent and a danger to the nation." "No ,I don't think they are bad.They are just normal sane individual." should be "No, I don't think they are bad. They are just normal sane individuals."
Arnold_Benjaman says2016-07-15T13:42:52.5737137Z
Muslims are horrible animals that should be rid of in this world. Their suicidal thoughts provoke anger and they decide to go around killing eachother
ladiesman says2016-07-15T15:24:40.8396690Z
Suicide bombers are not mainstream Muslims!
butwhytho says2016-07-16T01:44:13.0430714Z
I feel that it is very hard to generalize large groups of people like that. I do not believe that all Muslims are bad.
stephannoi says2016-08-14T23:59:06.7432325Z
@ladiesman Why nobody vote the last option ?

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