Are new culturally diverse emojis needed?

Posted by: sque132

New diverse emojis are being distributed soon. The aim is mainly to represent a diverse cultural society.

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We don't need culturally diverse emojis

The yellow emoji was made to represent all nations in the first place.
14 votes

Yes we need them

Equality is important and all nations, cultures and ways of life should be represented equally therefore removing any discrimination.
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sque132 says2015-04-17T15:53:19.8760133-05:00
PLEASE give an answer with an explanation
briantheliberal says2015-04-17T17:03:47.6131091-05:00
Do we NEED them? No, they aren't essential to our survival.
sque132 says2015-04-17T17:21:30.8106626-05:00
Sorry i meant to write necessary
ashkan says2015-04-17T18:14:33.6018539-05:00
They aren't hurting anyone.
tommytom says2015-04-17T19:35:43.9593284-05:00
Why do we have to bring race into everything?
tommytom says2015-04-17T19:35:57.7988834-05:00
Why do we have to bring race into everything?
SirCrona says2015-04-18T17:33:59.9894150-05:00
OP knows the difference between race an culture, right? Different colored smileys aren't culturally diverse.

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