Are people ignorant when saying Hilary would be better than Obama since the two do not differ at all politically?

Posted by: natertig

Hilary and Obama vote virtually the same on all big issues. How can one be better than the other when all policy choices would be made the same way?

  • Yes. They are the same.

  • No, they are different.

73% 8 votes
27% 3 votes
  • They may be a few minor differences, but both are leftists and a Hillary presidency would be a continuation of Obama's failed policies.

    Posted by: t_81
  • Politicians differ, despite being in the same party or even the same family. For example, Bush 41 refused to go to Baghdad in '91 because he felt it would lead to a prolonged war ... the inevitable dissection of Iraq by various groups, etc. Yet, Bush 43 invaded Iraq ... rolled into Baghdad ... and ignored every warning his father had stated about it. Hillary may actually agree with Obama, or she is merely following protocol. When you are part of an administration, you don't openly disagree with the President. Therefore, we cannot assume she would vote the same on issues or handle every situation in the same way.

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1814Username says2014-07-06T11:12:20.6877372-05:00
Really people are ignorant to think politicians are any different. They all go to the same schools, go the same clubs, invest in the same stocks, and are the 1%. It doesn't matter who you vote for. I would have thought the last 14 years proved this to people. Literally nothing has changed.
Wylted says2014-07-06T15:16:59.0184090-05:00
Democrats barely differ from Republicans, let alone people in their own party. There have been studies done that show you can look at each political seat in the country and despite different parties holding that seem they pretty much seem to be acting from the same exact platform. How is Bush different from Obama? He isn't. He supported the bailouts and did his own like Obama. Obama is using the same exact strategy in Iraq. I can probably add another 100 examples.

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