Are Performance-Enhancing Drugs Acceptable in Sports?

Posted by: ColterFleming1

If sports are just for entertainment, does it matter if the athletes use performance-enhancing drugs?

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Of course not! Performance-enhancing drugs defeat the purpose/entertainment of sports!

The whole point of sports is the training and the skill. If anyone could become an athlete, sports would become dull.
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No! Performance-enhancing drugs would ruin society as a whole.

Imagine a world where accurate genetic engineering is possible. People would alter themselves into monstrous beasts in the hopes of becoming a famous athlete. Sports would become a competition between companies trying to get rich by designing the mo... st effective drug, rather than between the athletes. Unless you want a world of mutants and scheming billionaires, drugs are wrong   more
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Yes, performance-enhancing drugs are fine.

As long as people are entertained, athletes can use as many performance-enhancing drugs as they want. Just look at fake wrestling. The wrestlers agree to put on a show. No harm done.
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Yes, but to a limit, or as a separate league.

If so, what limit? What about those that are disabled using bionic organs and appendages (although that's really a different debate entirely)?
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