Are Princesses a good Role Models for Young Girls and kids?

Posted by: Bree123

  • Yes

  • No

23% 3 votes
77% 10 votes
  • Some princesses are extremely independent and awesome. However, many of these princesses are extremely stereotyped (small waistlines and stuff).

  • These princesses have been role models to young girls since the first movie in 1937, Snow White. Many feminists want to attack the fact that most princesses fall in love. What would this world be without love? If your parents didn't fall in love, you wouldn't be alive to complain about this now would you?

  • Because they don't do anything themselves and rely on those around them to give them help and care that they are "entitled to". Leaders of monarchies are poor roll models.

    Posted by: xhammy
  • Although it is a fun fantasy when you are young, no they are not good role models for them at all. It promotes in the young girls' to seek only wealthy privileged men thus creating future gold diggers, that it is ok to not work to make a living and instead encouraging for a man to fully support them financially without them having to do anything not even in motherhood. That intelligence in a woman holds no importance, it gives a distorted unrealistic view of what to expect when they become women. There is no humility and humbleness towards others as it is about "self". I am not saying ban the idea of princesses, but other role models of women should be equally nurtured.

    Posted by: Najs
  • Sadly its not. Look at the Disney princess's out there. Most of them were already princess's who had everything done for them and if they weren't at the begining of the movie they got married to a prince in the end. I think it just shows girls that if they have a princess for a role model then it shows them that they need to wait for a prince to come along and marry them then their lives problems will be over

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Najs says2015-05-29T09:37:49.3930661-05:00
Good question

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