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No because of all the hard they put in and because of the lifestyle they have to live

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Yes because people only go into that buiness get alot of money and get lazy

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The-Voice-of-Truth says2015-04-28T12:48:25.5868078-05:00
This poll seems biased......
Forthelulz says2015-04-28T12:51:22.7900598-05:00
Just a bit.
Forthelulz says2015-04-28T12:51:58.9825238-05:00
Just checked. He's a snot-nosed kid who may or may not be a sock puppet.
tajshar2k says2015-04-28T15:02:44.3045500-05:00 This guy played a total of 6 minutes, in 82 games. You think he f*cking deserves that??
rphk123 says2015-04-28T15:39:38.0821314-05:00
Tajshak2k: Whether or not he deserves it is irrelevant. What does it matter? It's not making you any richer or poorer. On a second note, this is a useless debate because there is absolutely nothing anyone ever could or should do about it. The organization decides who makes what money in order to keep them on their team. The millions of dollars these players make is pocket change compared to what the organizations make so they will dig as deep into their bank accounts as they need to build a team. Everyone acts like it's their tax dollars going into their salary. No! It's some fat rich guy's money going into their salary.
tajshar2k says2015-04-28T15:41:44.2565490-05:00
That doesnt change the fact they are overpaid. How else do you measure if somebody is overpaid?
litinin says2015-04-29T16:38:05.1642142-05:00
Our society is out of wack!! Yes they are overpaid! Should a man playing a childs game ever make more money and be held in a higher esteem then a doctor who performs surgery to save or extend human life? That would just be one example !! Engineers would be another, we wouldnt want to use a bridge designed by tight end or a center fielder now would we.
170366 says2015-05-07T10:20:45.8164143-05:00
Actors yes but athletes no.

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