• Yes

  • No

32% 37 votes
68% 79 votes
  • If a person or body of people belive in the existence of a higher being, they must be brain dead or have damage in the head.

  • I do not want to be mean, but I myself think that they are foolish. Again, it is my opinion, if you think atheists are stupid, then fine.

  • Beliving in a religion means that your brain is to small to realize that what you have been told your whole life is false.

  • Well, I don't think all religious people are unintelligent. My father is a great example of a religious person who isn't fucked in the head or mentally disabled. I've met a lot of atheists who are unintelligent fuckwits, such as myself. I don't think all religious people are stupid; however, I think religion itself is stupid. When you were a little kid, you likely believed that Father Christmas (or whatever you call him) was real. You believed that an overweight man from the North Pole went down the chimney of every house delivering presents to every child on the planet, all in one night. Ridiculous, right? Now that we're older, we know that wouldn't be possible, so we stopped believing he's real. Believing in Father Christmas is like a religion. There's no evidence that he exists, yet some people still have faith that he does exist, despite our lack of evidence and how crazy it sounds. I've tried reasoning with religious people, but every single one uses the excuse "You don't have to see it for it to be real". That may be true, but if nobody has actual evidence that something exists, what are the chances of that thing existing, and why would you WORSHIP it?!

  • More than stupid they are fearful. Fear makes them to do stupid things and follow the stupid superstitions. Religious people fear that God will punish them if they do not follow the rules of religion, the rules that were created definitely not by God. They hate every other religion and consider their religion as the best and most authentic and there starts their stupidity. How can one discard theory of origin of species and fact that all are basically Africans, chances are either they must be ignorant of science or stupid enough to believe religious theory of origin.

  • I'd like to say it depends on the person...but most of the time, it's a yes for me. You must be seriously brain-dead to devote your whole life to a person who you aren't even sure exists or not; it's just not logical. To me, personally, it's ignorant to avoid marriage and happiness in marriage just for "Christ" or any religion really. Science hasn't even proved that Jesus or any other God is or was real. Until proof is given, I still believe that overly-religious people are ignorant, foolish, and dumb overall.

  • Graphs about IQ vs the importance of religion show that religious people are more likely to have low IQ's, but being religious doesn't make you stupid. Albert Einstein was religious. Although, he called it naive to believe in a personal God. Graphs about religion vs IQ: 1) http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_h18ihfyOBX4/Rn2b3jc1hfI/AAAAAAAAAPQ/Ev7Tcp-P4_E/s1600/IQ-vs-Religiosity.jpg 2) http://www.godandscience.org/images/iqvsreligion.gif 3) http://lh3.ggpht.com/_shiqvhJTgCk/SY1sb12SthI/AAAAAAAAABg/81WPDPMNj7A/s800/religionvsiqbystate2.jpg

  • Religious people are stupid because they are not willing to accept the facts. They ignore science and follow this mythical being that we can't even prove exists without question. Their entire lives are led by this stupid book and they never stop to think if all of this could be solved with logic.

  • If the argument hasn’t worked...stop using it.

  • While not everyone I have ever met who proclaims a belief in a supernatural being is what I would classify as stupid, Many definitely fall into that category. Plainly put, People of faith are trained to believe, Not to think. Most are just self-deluded adults who have never set aside their fears, Insecurities and biases long enough to seriously and soberly think through what a lifetime of tradition, Habit and indoctrination has done to their minds. God becomes the easy go-to answer for everything that they don’t understand and the fall back position for those who are either too stupid or mentally lazy to seek the answers for themselves. To not know the reason or answer to something due to a lack of knowledge, While proudly proclaiming that “god did it” without any intellectual basis for that conclusion, Is simpleminded arrogance and proof positive that that person has been infected by a mind virus. Raising faith above rationality, Superstition above science or belief above evidence is not something to be proud of. Faith necessitates that people forgo all intellect, Common sense and rationale in favor of a belief in something where no evidence exists. Simply put, Faith is a vice that attempts to make a virtue out of not thinking. There is no virtue in being intellectually dishonest and willfully ignorant by believing in something where absolutely no evidence exists just because it makes you feel better. Suicide bombers have faith! The KKK have faith! Faith is intellectual bankruptcy and the enemy of reason. Anytime a person says they believe in something based on faith they are admitting that their assertion cannot stand on its own merit. It’s nothing more than an excuse to believe in something when there is no evidence or proof to support it and in many cases when it flies directly in the face of contradictory evidence. Faith is a hope. It’s a desire. It’s a wish. But it is certainly not a reality. If there was even the slightest significant evidence that a particular god existed there would only be one religion, One belief, One god, Which the world would agree to and worship and know it for what it was. Instead, We see the exact opposite, Thousands of different religious beliefs all claiming theirs to be the right one. How can any intelligent human being put weight into something whose only requirement for belief is blind submission and an unquestioning gullibility? With all the insanity that religion requires of people to believe and accept, How can anyone with a double digit IQ embrace this lunacy and not be looked upon by those of us who have been inoculated from this mind virus as anything other than not too bright? To put it politely.

    Posted by: MSBLMW
  • as stupid as everyone else because everyone has beliefs and a form of religion. And one definition of stupid means "Ignorant" and i agree that everyone is ignorant of something, Religious and non religious people alike.

  • The question is stupid.

  • just let them believe what they want

  • It really depends on the person.

    Posted by: ISDA
  • I don't think all religious people are stupid.

  • I am Religious

  • People are rational enough to make a case. There are many, many people in history who are religious and very intelligent. I do think that religion has the wrong connotation now.

    Posted by: KZC
  • Depends! I'll say no however.

  • Religious people are NOT stupid. They chose to believe in a God or god(s) that for some people comfort them in the fight against reality.

  • No because religion is a belief a belief is not stupid dont judge them

  • I don't even believe in religion, but "religious people" encompasses a very large group of people, and I'd be hard-pressed to say that most of them are stupid.

    Posted by: Anyara
  • I disagree with them, but I wouldn’t call them stupid. Misguided maybe. But not stupid.

  • No, they're just brainwashed an afraid. I'm a LaVeyan satanist, which is technically a religion but LaVeyan satanists are not theists. I think theists are just taught lies.

  • Religous people are not stupid so-to-speak. Many may believe that becoming religous is the effect of stupidity, but this is highly inaccurate. In some cases it might be caused by small-mindedness, in other cases it could be extremely smart people looking for acceptance in a lonely life or looking for a faith when it feels as though life has lost meaning and purpose, in which it's and act of survival, which may be seen as "stupid" but is simply primal, and primal is no more stupid that eating because you're hungry.

  • 1. This is a stupid question. 2. You're religious views have no effect on your intelligence. Religious people can be either smart or dumb. The fact they believe in god has no effect on that. If you meant the question, Is being religious stupid? Then I would have to say no. Because all it is is hope. People cling to religion for a reason, whether that be they want an afterlife or because they don't know any other way to live their life. That is their choice. And it is one many people make and one that is protected under the constitution.

  • Our country was literally founded on religion. Those guys knew what they were doing and made a pretty good set of fair rules to boot. Plenty of people in high positions are also religious, so I'd say that they wouldn't be so educated and listened to if they were stupid.

    Posted by: AJR
  • No there are many religious people with varying levels of intelligence. There is a statistic that shows religious people had a lower IQ on average, but there are many problems with this study. First and most simply correlation does not equal causation. Second IQ (although it is likely our best measure of intelligence) is not very accurate. Finally this study was only done with citizens of the U.S. where many of the most religious states have poorer education (again this correlation is not necessarily the causation).

  • Being religious makes no difference on how smart you are. And besides Atheism is a religion too.

  • Although I am not religious myself, many devoutly religious people are extremely intelligent and have made amazing contributions to this world. It is unfair to generalize people based on religion.

  • just gullible

  • Beliefs don't affect your IQ. There is no scientific proof that religion decreases your IQ. Alot of Jews have incredibly high IQ.

  • I know some religious people who are extremely intelligent. Spirituality can, in fact, be a very good thing for one's mind, and following a religion that preaches love and peace can make one a better person.

  • Religiosity has nothing to do with intellect. There's just not a fair way of determining for or against anyway. Many Christians, for example, were the first to discover important truths - The person to discover the big bang theory was a Catholic priest for instance. He was mocked for it. If anything, in my personal walk, I find non-religious people to be rather lacking, not because it's their fault, but because they're generally guided by the wrong crowd.

  • I hope it's not only religious people who have voted "no". It demonstrably false and insulting people accomplishes nothing in the search for truth.

  • This is question has an oblivious answer to it, but there definitely is reason to think otherwise. I'm sorry for focusing on Christianity, specifically the Catholics. They've had amazing people like Thomas Aquinas and the Church Fathers, which is a prime example of intelligence. I do suggest reading their works. Not only that, but their complex doctrine and deep history is another example. They even have a set laws called the Code of Canon law which prove that they are an organized religion that us very developed. It would take great perseverance to study and understand the Church because of all of the things that I've mentioned. I'm sure believing in dead people rising is insane. But I'm also sure that the Jews from the 1st century would have had a good reason to abandon the most important parts of life, their family and risking persecution, just to follow some crazy middle to low class dudes proclaiming that their messiah rose from the dead.

  • believe what you want but don't let it cloud your judgement

  • In order to call someone stupid or unintelligent you have already assumed that god is real because with out god there is no truth there is no reality of truth. What do u base truth on if your view point is one of a godless world

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Autistic_Spider says2017-12-26T01:58:48.9366167Z
Well considering religious leaders are referred to as "shepherds"........
christina.sanders050605 says2018-01-03T23:45:19.0540398Z
1.I left a comment already. 2.THERE IS GEOGRAPHIC EVIDENCE! 3.You really think that DNA was able to come from some organism out of the ocean!? Don't be stupid. 4. If evolution is true, why are monkeys in the zoo? Shouldn't they be turning into animals or something, because apparently, I lost my tail 12 years ago and I'm living like a human?
DebatingGuy says2018-02-20T02:56:30.9740548Z
No hard feelings. I love religious people.
hamiltonpercypotter says2018-02-28T03:47:04.5290677Z
I don't believe in religion, but I don't think that it is stupid. I will respect atheists and religious people alike, but doing stupid things and calling it "God's will" is stupid, and disrespecting other people's beliefs because you don't think that it is backed up by proof is also stupid.
StrongestPeaShooterYT says2018-05-16T06:16:25.9545582Z
Hildegard of Bingen Robert Grosseteste Nicholas of Cusa Otto Brunfels Francis Bacon Nicolaus Copernicus Nicolas Steno Galileo Galilei Blaise Pascal Gottfried Leibniz Emanuel Swedenborg Robert Boyle Isaac Newton Johannes Kepler Antoine Lavoisier Alessandro Volta André-Marie Ampère Bernhard Riemann Michael Faraday Charles Babbage James Clerk Maxwell[1] Lord Kelvin James Prescott Joule Giuseppe Mercalli Wilhelm Röntgen Louis Pasteur Gregor Mendel Alexis Carrel Guglielmo Marconi Max Born Werner Heisenberg Pascual Jordan Philipp Lenard Ernest Rutherford Max Planck[2] Arthur Compton Robert Andrews Millikan Ernest Walton John Eccles Karl Landsteiner Lise Meitner Arthur Leonard Schawlow Wernher von Braun Antonino Zichichi Stanley Jaki John Lennox Rosalind Picard John Polkinghorne Don Page Robert Wicks James Tour Colin Humphreys Martin Nowak Richard Smalley Francis Collins Fred Brooks Werner Arber Peter Agre Gerhard Ertl Brian Kobilka John Gurdon Charles Hard Townes William D. Phillips Peter Gruenberg William C. Campbell Juan Maldacena All non atheists.
JakieDan says2018-10-12T09:29:47.2011277Z
Lol start an arguement challange god is a bully and racist and sexist

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