Are repeated polls annoying/boring

Posted by: wildmanz

Im talking repeats and ones with a slight difrence like from suicide to cutting yourself or favorite ___ of 2015 then favorite ___ of 2014

  • Yes

  • No

78% 7 votes
22% 2 votes
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PetersSmith says2015-01-18T20:22:21.4364633-06:00
I would agree that polls with the exact same titles with no creativity or thought put into them are annoying. Especially the "yes" or "no" polls with the SAME PICTURES OVER AND OVER AGAIN. Like the two here.
bravenewworld says2015-01-18T20:43:31.9985128-06:00
Wildmanz - you know the one about being proactive.. As opposed to reactive?
wildmanz says2015-01-20T15:51:53.7652808-06:00
Peterssmith when you create a poll it shows up with the normal 5 but you saying that i will make this poll again and use original pictures will that be better

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