Are Republican Politicians criticized too much?

Posted by: texans14

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They're hilariously bad.
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They're unfairly criticized, and democrats are worse with their views.
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Cold-Mind says2014-07-11T14:07:32.2502761-05:00
Politicians should be criticized much more, regardless if they are republican or not.
The_Immortal_Emris says2014-07-11T14:14:12.8582456-05:00
Kc1999 says2014-07-11T14:17:22.1486456-05:00
"Politicians are the lowest form of animals" George S Patton
discomfiting says2014-07-11T15:09:55.2732149-05:00
Career politicians ^
TheRationalist says2014-07-11T17:20:38.4048614-05:00
There is no such thing as being criticized too much, as long as the criticisms are valid and logical. I believe that many of the republican parties actions are absolutely insane, and many of the criticisms are spot on. There are a few criticisms that I would not agree with, but many others have not been voiced enough. Both republicans and democrats need to be called out when they do something that harms society as a whole. Defending one party from scrutiny simply because there is a lot of it is equivalent to pity, and doesn't belong in politics.
Grayscale says2014-07-12T12:49:06.1761785-05:00
I always found it funny when people use speech from the fringe small time crazies as justification for imbalanced levels of criticism. Republicans are held to a higher standard than Democrats. The media not only focuses more on Republicans faults but will cast same actions under a Democrat in more benign terms. I'm not voting on in the poll because Republicans should be criticized by the media, this is how you prevent bad actions through transparency, but they should apply the same standard to democrats. I have over 15K in articles saved on my computer, I follow stories years after the MSM/Public finds them boring. I read a lot of different sources, so I could fill this the entire comment section with relevant articles. Http://www.Politico.Com/blogs/media/2013/12/journalist-consensus-media-leans-left-179852.Html http://www.Discoverthenetworks.Org/viewSubCategory.Asp?Id=207 http://www.Thedailybeast.Com/articles/2014/07/11/the-secret-war-on-black-republicans.Html http://www.Journalism.Org/2009/04/28/obamas-first-100-days/ http://www.Realclearpolitics.Com/video/changing_lanes/2014/06/23/the_left_loved_me_before_they_hated_me.Html http://www.Usatoday.Com/story/opinion/2014/05/27/glenn-greenwald-nsa-journalists-guardian-government-column/9641677/
TheRationalist says2014-07-12T17:19:30.9438271-05:00
It's interesting that you would say that grayscale. The question was not, "are democrats criticized too little", it was "are republicans criticized too much". Are you suggesting that republicans receive a pass for inappropriate actions or scrutiny, simply because democrats don't receive the same treatment?
Grayscale says2014-07-12T18:43:49.3565729-05:00
@TheRationalist, "Are you suggesting that republicans receive a pass for inappropriate actions or scrutiny, simply because democrats don't receive the same treatment?" How you inferred that from what I wrote is amazes me in and of itself because I don't believe I made such a referral. Within my first post if you could extract the sentence which confused you, I will help clarify that confusion and make an effort to avoid repeating that mistake again as that is far and away from what I was suggesting.----- A skeptical media (a media mindset) has both hits and misses when applying criticism, thus you take the good and the bad when it comes with the territory. The idea of having a more skeptical media (both the pros and cons) are better than a protective one. Government corruption thrives when their narrative is protective, its one of the reasons why all media is initially supportive in the initial stage of a war as to give government more power/leeway to protect them. Having media stay in such a protective stage for any large duration is unhealthy for a society. "The question was not, "are democrats criticized too little"" Hence as I mentioned in the first post, I did not vote in the poll because I don't believe the question is the right one (so I wouldn't skew the poll results either) because neither "yes" or "no" captures what I believe to the be issue at hand, Asking the right questions can be argued to be just as if not more important than the opinion/answer to the question.
TheRationalist says2014-07-12T19:22:20.5319274-05:00
I re-read your earlier post, and admit it is more clearly explained than I initially thought. I obviously rushed to judgement. Sorry!

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