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While creators for such a vehicle certainly have tough decisions to make, a self-automated vehicle would improve the quality of life for humanity. Such a vehicle would provide extra time to those using them, as it would make more efficient decisions...  and would provide faster routes then opposed to a human's conduction. This veritable fact is accompanied with the truism that such a vehicle would make level-headed decisions as compared to humans. Unlike humans, such a vehicle would not get drunk, distracted or experience a panic attack, and would always hold the composure of a phlegmatic and responsible driver. They would have greater focus than humans and this would lead to a major decrease in accidents caused by reasons such as:DUI, loud family-quarrels, texting while driving, etc. Once the obstacles and problems are worked out, self-driving cars would prove to be effective instruments, quintessential of modern intellect and improvement, whilst saving irrevocable lives and time   more
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Self-Driving cars if created would produce a unequivocal scourge on society. While they are ballyhooed by car companies as a form of technological advancement and social improvement, such a creation would prove far more deleterious to society than b... eneficial. The premise of a car having a coded system that would be formed to tackle situations is disturbing, as they would be programmed to tackle difficult situations certain ways. Decisions such as whether such a car would prefer to hit a larger vehicle in a case of emergency, as opposed to a smaller one, or whether such a car would hit a motorcyclist with more protection(i.E. Having a helmet) as opposed to one with less safeness. These decisions are made on a day to day basis by numerous people, and yet they are justified in their actions, since they are forced to determine a choice in a split-second. However, if given forewarning of such a decision, any decent citizen would be faced with a tough moral problem, the same one that is being debated over by the creators of a self-automated car. While they would likely be more efficient and superior in their decision-making as juxtaposed to a persons' driving, self-automated vehicles are unethical and should not undergo production   more
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