• Single gender schools are sexist

  • Single gender schools aren't sexist

20% 5 votes
80% 20 votes
  • By definition. However, discrimination isn't necessarily a bad thing.

  • single gender schools don't originate with the aim to discriminate or give out a sexist policy but they do it silently, they hide the fact they will let their boys schools do 'boys sports' like football and rugby where as the girls schools will be doing something more 'girly' like hockey or netball. Supposedly doing it with the aim to make sure boys and girls both get the right subjects for them. Do they really know what the right subject is though? I go to Bristol uni, studying law and personally i know so many girl mechanics, boys doing textiles and a few people who have been forced into doing the 'boy' or 'girl' subjects because they were brought up in a non socially active place where they end up with a lack of social skills which is one of the biggest things that adds to your education.

  • How would it be sexist I don't get it..

  • By the precedence of the Supreme Court case Brown v. Board of Education, separate but equal is not truly equal.

  • Not inherently sexist, but still not a good idea.

  • When the schools start telling people if they are a gender when the person believes they are another then that's where the schools get sexist, but for now I don't think they are.

  • I come from an only boys school and i actually think it is beneficial because everyone in my class has developped a strong sense of respect towards women

  • No because there are single-gender schools for both males and females. Nobody is forced to go to a single-gender school, So I don't see how this is sexist anyway.

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Coed sucks

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