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Minddagger says2018-01-27T04:29:15.4395575Z
The no side getting crushed
realdanieldancuta says2018-02-07T03:11:51.5442397Z
It is quite sad seeing all of these young girls and boy's being taught all of this social justice feminism crap. It can be simply put, you have the rights, stop complaining, tell me one right you don't have and ill prove it wrong! :)
asta says2018-02-21T03:43:19.6048498Z
The SJWs are the people that scream tolerance while they beat up anyone who disagrees with them. They claim to stand up for equality while treating non Europeans superiority to Europeans. They think it's okay if a black person kills a white person because of all the blacks that were killed by europians during slavery. But just because your grandparents were slaves does not justify your superior treatment. Latinos were never slaves in the US yet they are fiscally comporble to African Americans. Asians and Irish people also endured extreme oppression, yet they are doing just fine. If these ethnic groups can do well, why can't African Americans and Latinos?
mattj11111 says2018-04-16T04:25:08.5506822Z
@OpenMindedAndInformed - "They don't fight for equality, they fight for the minorities and women to be above all else." I couldn't have stated it any better.

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