Are some BLM protesters law-abiding and non-violent?

Posted by: MasturDbtor

Are some of the BLM protesters law-abiding and non-violent or is every self-described supporter of "Black Lives Matter" exactly identical?

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BLM protesters are individuals who differ on the tactics that they use. Many BLM activists have spoken out against violence or criminal activity.
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BLM is a monolith and every single individual who identifies with the movement is exactly the same.
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CosmoJarvis says2016-12-21T14:52:58.3063321Z
"Black lives matter. That means that white lives are meaningless."
Iacov says2016-12-21T14:55:58.9470378Z
Obviously cosmojarvis the black lives matter movement is not saying what you have stated. Unfortunately their is a small minority within the movement who have racist sentiments against white people but this is not the overall message of black lives matter.
Stranger1221 says2016-12-31T02:00:04.2826637Z
According to an fbi report in 2013, 93 of blacks killed in America are killed by other blacks. There's your fucking problem.
Stranger1221 says2016-12-31T02:00:49.2733521Z
*93 percent

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