• Yes they are needed

  • No we could survive without them

70% 14 votes
30% 6 votes
  • Oh yes sports are my favorite recreational activity.

  • for entertainment or exercise, I dont think its possible for anyone to go through their entire life and NOT play a sport or watch a sport at one point

  • omg! yes. they are a great for using energy, teamwork, social skills and knowledge about the game. They are a need!

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  • yes,because some people are better at sports than lerning

  • epic ur probs fat and sports are entertaining look at football and B-Ball and B-Ball we need those to have fun and be entertain

    Posted by: slimbo
  • sports are awesome its part of my life

  • about the American life without sports!

  • The last time I played a sport (outside of mandatory PE programs at school) was in second grade, and I have no intention of resuming.

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2ninjacat says2015-04-14T23:41:30.5785052-05:00
Every one should do a sport or an activity that evolves you to get sweaty or physically tired. Some people don't like sports, but it reduces the risk of cancers, stroke, obesity and helps you to work as a team and\or make new friends.

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