Are students who attend Ivy League and other top tier colleges are more likely to get higher paying jobs after graduation than students who attended other colleges.

Posted by: qwertyytrewq01943

  • Yes

  • No

90% 9 votes
10% 1 votes
  • They have a reasonably wealthy family behind them, and that family will often have them able to do jobs that need more education, and therefore pay more.

  • Not even a question, just a fact.

    Posted by: TBR
  • It's pretty obvious graduating from an ivy league school would give you much more opportunity.

  • If I'm hiring, I'm going to hire the kid who went to Cornell or Harvard vs the kid who went to Arizona State.

  • A degree is a degree no matter where you get it from, yes you may seem much better at a subject than lets say a "cheaper" college student would be, but the fact is that you both got the same degree for the same thing. So as as an employer all they care about is if you can do the job, and if you can do it right. And that's all in your application to convince them to choose you over the other guys.

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