• Yes

  • No

73% 16 votes
27% 6 votes
  • over 75% of the time when I see a teenager using the Internet, they're on a social media website.

    Posted by: yay842
  • Yes, and soon it will lead - if it hasn't already - a society ravaged with braindead sociopaths who never lend each other a hand in real life. For example, recently in San Francisco, phone-clued addicts missed a Murder on the train because they were so incredibly stupid in their screen-based worlds. Tragically pathetic. Tragically.

  • Do you know how much idiots tweet in a day?!?!

  • i wonder how old the people saying yes are and i wonder how hippo critical they are being

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HiJackedGaming says2013-09-04T02:04:44.3706877-05:00
Thanks guys for voting

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