Are the Challenger Astronauts alive?

Posted by: BirdieMachine

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BirdieMachine says2016-07-18T15:37:34.1475882Z
So you've been told couch golfer. They also said they landed on the moon and that's proven to be a hoax. NASA is sad.
KthulhuHimself says2016-08-07T07:54:36.3001019Z
@BirdieMachine You are sad.
KthulhuHimself says2016-08-11T11:30:28.8203178Z
This poll is insulting.
Edlvsjd says2016-08-11T14:33:02.4712826Z
All but one of the crew members have been found alive, and in prominent positions, most still have the same name! It's easier to lie to someone than to to convince them they've been lied to. People know that government lies to it's people, yet believe everything nasa, a government office tells them? Idiots http://www.Veteranstoday.Com/2015/07/07/363471/
Edlvsjd says2016-08-11T14:52:48.9850607Z it's easier to lie to someone than to convince them they've been lied to
KthulhuHimself says2016-08-11T15:21:10.8467700Z
@Edlvsjd That side is full of sh*t. None of the people brought in the images have the same facial features as the deceased astronauts. It's disrespectful and shameful to spread such lies about honest people. I mean; LOOK AT THOSE PHOTOS! None of them look like the dead crew.
KthulhuHimself says2016-08-11T15:22:38.6441328Z
Edlvsjd says2016-08-11T15:40:55.4403635Z
Ignorance is insulting https://fellowshipoftheminds.Com/2015/04/30/are-the-crew-members-of-1986-space-shuttle-challenger-still-alive/
Edlvsjd says2016-08-11T15:45:48.3244397Z
Aged 30 years, yes. You should have your eyes examined I suppose you believe in giant aliens in earth orbit too? Https://youtu.Be/sF_ejM5FPvU
Edlvsjd says2016-08-11T15:47:56.9021123Z
Insert rage from cognitive dissonance here^
Edlvsjd says2016-08-11T15:53:18.3951260Z
It's amazing that anyone could be so against the idea of God. What if you are wrong? People get insurance for almost everything, why not your eternal soul?
Edlvsjd says2016-08-11T15:55:00.1857785Z
I'm not suggesting you attend church, and fall into religion, but at least consider the possibility that you are being lied to.
KthulhuHimself says2016-08-11T17:14:55.5005175Z
I'd rather continue this in form of a message chain; it'll be more convenient for both of us.

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