Are the movies made from books better than the books or worse?

Posted by: dynamicduodebaters

  • Better

  • Worse

6% 1 votes
94% 15 votes
  • I find films more exciting and stimulating in general. Reading a book requires patience and quiet time, and a LOT of time. Films get the job done quicker and in a cooler fashion

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Malika_Malu says2014-07-21T08:57:06.8696126-05:00
Reading is entirely different from watching movies. The pleasure and intention which can only be provided by reading cannot be fulfilled by anything else.
dynamicduodebaters says2014-07-21T09:17:34.8141015-05:00
My thoughts exactly
a34trgv1 says2014-09-07T16:26:29.0145991-05:00
WHO CARES?????!!!! It's the same story, just in a different perspective. The book is a written perspective, where as the movie is a visual perspective. The visuals in a book are in your head, rather than in front of you. Granted, the written perspective has more detail to the story, but the movie has more detail to the visuals. You get the best of both worlds with the same story.

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