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lannan13 says2013-10-01T18:17:07.9925658-05:00
This belongs in the Opinions section, just sayin'.
brainymes says2013-10-01T20:31:13.3118544-05:00
I asked it there as well broseph.
Porthos says2013-10-01T20:34:07.5524275-05:00
It is us, the people. We are the government. The people in the White House just represent us. To get them back in the House the nation needs to tell them to get back in there or we'll impeach them.
Jandj75 says2013-10-02T19:26:30.7522600-05:00
This is a terrible way to ask this question. One of the fundamental rules for polling is that to get results that more accurately represent the true feelings of the polled populace is that the question cannot favor one side over the other. I would really like to hear your explanation as to how this is an unbiased question.
brainymes says2013-10-03T04:19:05.2552299-05:00
Well that depends, what do you think my bias is?
Jandj75 says2013-10-03T09:40:39.9002457-05:00
It doesn't matter what your personal bias is. It's the bias of the question that matters. Asking it in this way presupposes that the Republicans probably did it. Unfortunately, there is really no way to ask this question in an unbiased way.
brainymes says2013-10-03T21:16:56.6126408-05:00
"Who is to blame for the government shutdown?" I realize now I could have done it that way, but it just seemed like the majority opinion was that the Republicans did it. However, either I was wrong, or this site has more conservatives than I thought, because that's not true according to this.
Jandj75 says2013-10-04T00:25:20.8645545-05:00
I am also rather surprised by the results.
higa123 says2013-11-04T09:49:19.9158785-06:00
Republicans are partly to blame, but if I had to pin this on one party, the Democrats would be mostly responsible. Republicans did put the budget issue off until the night of (procrastination strikes again), but they did offer four different budgets to the Senate. One defunded it, one delayed it for a year, one took away the 72% subsidies for the Congressmen, and one delayed the individual mandate for a year. All were rejected, even though the Republicans offered lots of compromise (relating to the bills). The Democrats then blamed it on the Republicans.

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