Are the restrictive UK laws on Hunting a good or bad thing?

Posted by: Zylorarchy

I do not know all the laws that restrict hunting, but I know that there are not a huge amount of 'game' animals with many more being illegal to hunt than legal, the Hunting Act 2004 made hunting with dogs completely illegal. You need the land owners permission to hunt (and with woodlands government owned, in reality most areas you cannot hunt).

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It is a good thing, hunting is outdated and should be restricted.

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It is a bad thing, we should be able to uphold hunting as a traditional sport.

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madness says2014-05-02T23:03:39.7322285-05:00
Hunting is sick and cowardly. Using a powerful weapon to take down an inoccent animal for sport is primal behaviour, and is disgracefully disgusting.
Zylorarchy says2014-05-03T05:48:33.1374199-05:00
@madness, I agree
A341 says2014-05-03T18:44:27.8851129-05:00
Hunting is not a sport (at least for me) if I have a choice between eating a factory farmed pig horribly slaughtered and a wild deer shot painlessly I would always choose the deer. Yes those people who think that hunting should be a sport are sick and sadistic but killing an animal to eat is a very different matter.
Zylorarchy says2014-05-04T07:22:18.9829400-05:00
@A341, Exactly, hunting for food is different. When I referred to hunting here I was primarily focused on hunting for sport. And I do think killing an animal for "sport" is sick, and I cannot see how people enjoy it. I understand point though, but shooting an animal is something I could never do. In an ideal world, farm animals would actually be treated, and killed humanely. But, it will probably never happen, just as hunting for sport will probably never fully be gone from this world.

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