Are the victims of the Rotherham rape scandal privileged because of their race?

Posted by: Dilara

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No. When being white is what causes gangs of men to abuse you for 16 years your race is a disadvantage

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They were raped, tortured and beaten for 16 years because they were white. But hey I bet they still have privilege.
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lutherin says2015-05-11T15:23:33.0876134-05:00
What race were the abused?
lutherin says2015-05-11T15:23:57.9671660-05:00
It only says the race of the perpetrators
lutherin says2015-05-11T15:26:52.8993768-05:00
It doesn't say anything about whites
Dilara says2015-05-11T15:31:09.8247343-05:00
Many people would say that being white automatically means that you have privilege and being white can't ever be a disadvantage. These people are dead wrong. In Rotherham, South Yorkshire England between 1997 and 2013 1400 mostly white girls as young as 11 were raped, beaten, groomed, tortured and trafficked into other north english cities by gangs of Pakistani men. The rapists chose the girls because they were white and seen as easy meat. Authorities were aware of the abuse but chose to ignore it because they were afraid if being called racist . Most of the girls were working class and had problems in their homes with domestic abuse as well. When they asked council members for help they treated them as liars and sent back outside to the taxi cabs which had the rapists waiting . Police men walked in on men raping girls in card and houses and ignored it. One the cops arrested the rape victim and not the rapist. A group of fathers tried to go to the house where they knew their daughters were being raped. The police arrested them and not the rapists!. Here we have a situation where gangs of Men target girls because they were white and council and police ignore it for 16, years because the rapists were ask and the victims were white. They were raped and abused for 16 years because they were white! Despite this did they have privilege? Was being white an advantage?
Dilara says2015-05-11T15:33:25.8186829-05:00
The victims were mostly white. The authorities didn't want to seem racist so ignored it, I guess some people on this site would consider these girls privileged because of their race.
lutherin says2015-05-11T15:51:49.7751012-05:00
Ofc not all the times, white is good, but generally it is
heil84 says2015-05-11T16:00:39.8120803-05:00
That's cause aryans should be priviledged for all the things they've done
Stefy says2015-05-11T16:10:35.1267898-05:00
By the way when people inthe US speak about white priviledge its in relation to what happend within the US. Different countries have differnt racial conditions. You cant compare white priviledge here with racial temsions in Pakistan
Stefy says2015-05-11T16:11:06.1903856-05:00
And i voted by accident.
Dilara says2015-05-11T17:35:51.3674926-05:00
Stefy do you acknowledge that being white was a disadvantage for these 1400 abused girls? And that they didn't have white privilege?
heil84 says2015-05-11T18:36:12.4315044-05:00
Dilara school teaches things in a one sided story. Groups that are generally seen as oppressed always have their stories cover everyone else's story. In school you will always learn about what whites did to blacks, but can you name a single instance school teaching about what blacks have done to whites? And what about jews. Jews are seen as oppressed and we always hear about what the world has mistreated them but not one time do you learn about them oppressing others. Blacks and jews have both committed atrocities but we don't hear about it since school is propagandizing us to sympathize for them.
Dilara says2015-05-11T19:15:44.9902589-05:00
Still white.... Brian. These 1400 girls can't just go on with their lives. After 16 yeas of rape, torture and humiliation by gangs of men could you go on? They can't just let their whiteness get them into a normal state of mind. On top of that most of these girls are poor and from dysfunctional families. Their white privilege isn't helping them.
briantheliberal says2015-05-11T22:08:15.6317855-05:00
Except this particular case has nothing to do with white privilege. You're just race baiting and using this one case where the victims just so happen to be white and their perpetrators Middle Eastern as an excuse to deny the realities of white privilege in the Western world. It exists, but that doesn't mean white people are magically protected from and cannot be victims of tragedy, even if race is involved. That is what you're not understanding.
briantheliberal says2015-05-11T22:10:56.8245534-05:00
Also, they are in jail. So let me know when a white person is victimized in some way and their non-white perpetrators aren't in prison, then we'll talk about racial injustice. Until then, this is nothing more than another tragic sexual abuse story.
WNdebater says2015-05-14T16:26:28.4712998-05:00
Briantheliberal, you disgust me. The police in their own country let them be raped for years because they were white and their rapists were not, and you have the audacity to call them privileged!
Dilara says2015-05-14T20:11:36.7856497-05:00
Brian. Pakistani it's really middle eastern it's south Asian. And from what I can tell you admit that while being white is an advantage in most cases it can be a disadvantage leading to things like this. I agree.
Dilara says2015-05-14T20:21:56.2179371-05:00
Brian. "They're in jail..." the whole point of the story is that the local government and police knew what was happening but didn't do anything for 16 years ...Like how uk some white oh black cases authorities don't fb anything. Authorities knew 1/3 of the victims and most of the aggressors. They knew what was happening and let it continue for 16 years! The police force and local council knew what was happening but refused to arrest the men responsible because they error Asian!. Police walked in on several raped of under age girls and arrested the victims instead of the men raping them! When a group of dads tried to rescue their daughters from rape house the were arrested and not the rapists. You say because they're in jail now that doesn't matter? Most of them got over 10 years for 16 years of abuse. Your saying because the victims eventually got justice and the men were arrested is different than other cases. Should I remind you that the police knew the men who were doing this for 16 years and let it continue, the men being able to rape and beat for 16 years!! That's not justice.
briantheliberal says2015-05-15T00:03:54.9320496-05:00
WNdebater, boo freakin hoo. Learn what privilege is and what it refers to instead of crying and completely misinterpreting what I said.
Dilara says2015-05-15T16:14:52.4211135-05:00
Brian doesn't the disadvantage that happened because they were white override any advantages they would have gotten?
WNdebater says2015-05-19T20:31:47.7656641-05:00
The privilage of being raped and having the police do nothing about it for fear of being called racist? That privilage, Brian? You seem to think that the police did their jobs here. They didn't. They allowed nonwhites to rape white girls as young as 11 for 4 years because they were told by their superiors not to go after nonwhite rape gangs, lest they look racist. I just don't see how not being protected from rape is privilage. Evidently you don't either, because you can't provide anything to contradict me. The only one crying is you. Every time Dilara posts examples of whites being victims, you just cry that they're still so privilaged. When won't we be privilaged? When we die, perhaps?
Dilara says2015-05-19T20:58:31.5962230-05:00
Wndebator. It was 16 years of abuse, not 4. This happened between 1997 and 2013. That's right Brian. For 16 years 1400 mostly white girls were raped, beaten, tortured, trafficked and some murdered by gangs of Asian men and the police and local government knew about it but did nothing because they were afraid they would be called racist--as the rapists were Asian and the victims were mostly white. I bet they felt so privileged when authorities didn't believe them. These girls were mostly working class and from dysfunctional families and some even lived in group homes. So the only people to look after them, the social workers and police treated them like liars when the girls tried to get help. The men would wait for them at certain times of the day according to a sick schedule and drive the girls to a house or hotel where they would rape them, sometimes 5 men at a time. And one girl showed a bar of her bloody clothes to the authorities and the authorities "lost it". That sounds great doesn't it! Imagine feeling trapped. You live in a group home and your care givers (not all but many ignored the abuse) aren't believing you when you tell them that your being raped almost every day by several men. At those times of day you know the men will come and wait outside your house. And if you resist them they'll beat you more.
Varrack says2015-05-19T21:03:46.6217019-05:00
But Dilara they're white, so they're too privileged for it to matter.
briantheliberal says2015-05-20T00:18:12.5486215-05:00
Apparently, none of you know what privilege is and what is refers to, and it's THAT kind of ignorance why you say ridiculous things about it and deny its existence. For one, it's not a magic shield against tragedy, so this poll is ridiculous.
Dilara says2015-05-20T15:35:11.1731446-05:00
Brian. The men chose their victims because they were white. Authorities ignored it because the victims were white and the perps were Asian and they were afraid of being called racist. The point is being white led 1400 girls to be raped, beaten, tortured and trafficked for 16 years. Doesn't 16 years of abuse override any form of privilege they would get from being white? What's not being stopped on the street by cops or having beauty standards in your favor compared to being raped almost every day for over a decade? And about beauty standards in their Favor. This happened in England. Since England is in Europe beauty standards should reflect European people. Beauty standards should be in there favor So that doesn't really count.

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