Are there any good reasons why "bad" words are bad?

Posted by: bananaunicorn4

  • Yes

  • No

40% 4 votes
60% 6 votes
  • Yes, there are "good" reasons in the sense there are logical explanations why certain words have become known as being "bad". It is usually those words developed in circumstances of extreme emotion used to convey that extreme emotion. As a result people see them as "bad" because when said are intended to carry a powerful emotional response with them. However at the end of the day, all words, are just that, words. It is entirely subjective to deem them "bad". To me I accept them as bad words in the sense that they have mostly no use in common communication. It seems to me that people who curse the most, just sound dumb because those types of words are used as extreme emotional placeholders, and lack any depth of meaning. Basically they are a language of the layman.

  • What the words mean, how they're used, the context of how they're used and the history behind them.

  • They are bad words if used with the intention.

  • Not in the literal sense . The other side stated that they are an expression of intense emotion that would often replace a scream . However the word itself is not innately bad . I could just say it after every scentence and it would be considered "rude " or "impolite " because theese words have been made bad and that's what makes the emotion come out . For example if I was extremely mad I might yell STAR , but that does not have the same effect . The act of making a word taboo suddenly makes the word "bad" . If star were to become a taboo word it would have the same effect as other taboo words . Other words that change through cultures and times for example the British word for cigarettes is very offenceive , tab bob, and "bad" to those of us in North America . So much so I don't think it will allow me to post this word . To them its just a cigarette. Here yelling cigarette dies not have the effect of yelling this word .

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trevordugent2003 says2016-04-11T18:30:09.9606487Z
Bruh what happened in 2016

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