Are there really any benifits to being an athist?

Posted by: 124275

Most science is based on theory so it's now more lightly to be true than religion.

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PetersSmith says2015-02-22T21:42:13.8338243-06:00
You don't get ridiculed and mocked by atheists and anti-theists anymore, which is nice.
Hanspete says2015-02-22T22:01:18.4618118-06:00
Maybe we should tell that to the atheists
PetersSmith says2015-02-22T22:02:56.8803191-06:00
Hanspete: I don't think they care.
Hanspete says2015-02-22T22:03:29.3276951-06:00
I noticed. It sucks.
basils says2015-02-22T22:30:31.8836915-06:00
You have the benefit of actually pushing society forward rather than putting faith in medieval beliefs
briantheliberal says2015-02-22T23:26:57.9857729-06:00
But we do get mocked by theists, called immoral, and told we are going to hell nonstop. So there is that.
Mister_Man says2015-02-23T00:46:58.6063159-06:00
Basils, good point.
Stefy says2015-02-23T06:22:44.8871470-06:00
You do know not all theists hold medievil beliefs right? Many are very progressive. Martin luther king, Malcom x, Malala yousafzai, Ghandi, the list goes on and on.
Stefy says2015-02-23T06:23:23.7615994-06:00
How about athesists and theists just dont mock each other? Problem solved.
Leo.Messi says2015-02-23T11:11:25.5515808-06:00
God is not about making people burn in hell, he loves people and wants them to spend eternity with him. That's what Christians should be saying... So, all you Christians who say that-STOP! Just encourage people. Jesus never said "hey, believe in me or you go to hell." He loved all humanity so much that even while they hated him he was crucified at their hands so that they might live forever. That's the message we should be spreadin'.
Leo.Messi says2015-02-23T14:40:56.1452168-06:00
That was in response to @briantheliberal
RuvDraba says2015-02-23T14:44:29.5454373-06:00
The biggest benefit of atheism is that you're free to question and learn from *anything*. You're not forced to accept anything unless you feel it deserves acceptance, and you don't have to reject anything unless you feel it deserves rejection. So as an atheist, you can change your mind and accept any religion on evidence or for moral reasons; but you're also free to reject it until it does. But meanwhile, you can study that religion, and every other religion -- or any non-religious thought -- and see if there are elements worth learning from.
missmedic says2015-02-23T22:40:32.1772933-06:00
As an Atheists I believe that all gods in all religions were invented by human minds, and that the supernatural claims of all religions are false, and faith is not a virtue. We will always learn more through reason and science, then faith and superstitions.
Mister_Man says2015-02-24T12:33:52.4368238-06:00
I think people are forgetting an important point - NO MANDATORY CIRCUMCISION! :D
ryanfranke says2015-02-25T17:19:41.9039841-06:00
Why I voted yes: 1) You spelled atheist wrong. 2) "Science is based on a theory so it is less true" Are you kidding? Its a SCIENTIFIC theory, backed up by tremendous amounts of evidence. 3) I could also ask you " Is there any benefits for being a christian" That's the same logic. 4) You can make it positive! 5) Make your votes count! 6) No reason to vote no.
124275 says2015-02-26T13:42:51.1441474-06:00
So what if you get mocked? If religion is right then it's mush more important.
Roodvlees says2015-02-27T07:17:23.6687238-06:00
No. But not being religious does reduce your bias and frees up your mind to think.
Shonn says2015-02-27T11:02:47.1417072-06:00
Jehovah gave us free will. It's one of his many gifts to us. He deserves to be worshiped. He gave us life for crying out loud. It's sad to see so many today, use their free will in stupid ways though. Jehovah gave us free will to see if we actually love him. He gave it to us to see whether or not we will chose to serve him because we are thankful for what he has and continues to do for us on a regular basis. Or we can do whatever we want and never truly be happy. Money and wealth don't cause lasting happiness. All atheists know in their hearts that there has to be an intelligent designer. They are just afraid to admit it.
Mister_Man says2015-02-27T13:18:52.3936329-06:00
@Shonn - great theory, but no. In regards to "Atheists being afraid to admit the truth," no. If I "knew" I would burn in Hell for all of eternity if I didn't worship Jehovah, I would be worshipping him. I am happy, and having money also makes me happy. Telling me that I'm not happy is pointless and one more benefit to being an atheist - we tell people they aren't happy or they don't know what true happiness is, or that they're going to burn in Hell for all of eternity, etc. Also, I think "using our free will" to basically give our free will away and do what God wants is "using our free will in a stupid way," as it basically tosses the idea of free will out the window.

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