• No, people are greedy and selfish. No one is willing to be selfless enough to be deemed a hero

  • Yes, people are willing to help each other even if it means they themselves do not gain or they even lose something they care about

32% 8 votes
68% 17 votes
  • Not all heroes have to be firefighters, policemen, nurses, etc. A hero is anyone who is willing to risk their life for yours. A hero is not measured by the size of his or her strength, but by the size of their heart. Everyone is a hero even if you don't realize it because you have done something for someone out there no matter if it's a teacher, friend, or family member. You have helped someone out there and maybe you just don't realize it. we are all heroes.

  • While there are many people today who are selfish, that doesn't speak for the entire population. There are heroes, and many types of them as well. Heroes can be lifesavers, or somebody who saved your day b noticing you. I think that people who say no are ones who have been on the receiving end of the selfish people, and have yet to experience a hero.

  • People can be heroes in quiet ways.

  • Of course there are still heroes. Heroes are not born or made they are revealed. There are many different types of heroes it could be a hard-working single mom working 2 jobs trying to raise her kids or a soldier overseas with a 100lb ruckpack on fighting for his/her nation's freedom

  • Any moral act that has no immediate benefit to the individual is heroic, such as the choice of going vegan and giving up many of life’s most consistent pleasures while also as being labeled a weirdo and an extremist.

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