• Will we ever find Extra Terrestrial life

  • Will we not find it

70% 14 votes
30% 6 votes
  • Life? Sure. Intelligent life? Better hope so. Would have been sad if we were the pinnacle of cosmos.

  • At the minimum we have 5 billion years left (other universes tugging ours or the suns expansion). By that time i say we would have the technological capabilities to prevent our destruction. I think it would be more than likely that we would find other life.

    Posted by: reece
  • Given the amount of planets in the Universe that have been discovered that can possibly support life, as well as time before the Universe ceases to exist (at least until next week), and throwing our own existence into the mix, I'd say it's safe to assume that other life forms in other Galaxies or even Solar Systems are pretty likely to exist. Whether or not they're intelligent, eh, I'd say that's also pretty likely.

  • Maybe eventually. Question: Why are the answers about discovering aliens and the topic about their existence?

  • Is this poll a joke? Of course there is extraterrestrial life! There are so many planets revolving around so many suns in so many solar systems !in so many galaxies in the universe! We can't be the only ones.

    Posted by: Debaet
  • The possibilities are endless in space. If you think about how many galaxies and planets there are, they must be out there.

  • We are to young and to violent for any intelligent life to want to make first contact but i do believe there is other life out there and i do believe they visit us on regular basis to study our culture and maybe one day we will stop the fighting and learn to share and we can finally talk to them:)

  • hell yeah they are real!

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Reeseroni says2015-05-29T12:18:06.3314241-05:00
@Reliable_Source-- Why would it be too late?
Lukas8 says2015-06-04T15:16:20.7191278-05:00
The Jovian moon Europa might have some life, for example.

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