Are todays college students too protected to be able to deal with differing opinions?

Posted by: mattp1515

It is undeniable that campuses across the country are hotbeds for radical liberal ideology. Has this created an atmosphere where students can not handle opinions that are not the ones that they are taught?

  • Yes

  • No

83% 15 votes
17% 3 votes
  • The vote itself is already biased. I am neither liberal nor conservative. Both sides are equally protected and sheltered.

    Posted by: TunaT
  • That's too general of a statement. When I was in college, I was the guy who walked through the safe-space. What were they gonna do about it? I was black and therefore an oppressed minority; they couldn't tell me what to do.

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Arget says2016-12-24T11:18:54.5665825Z
First I have to disagree that campuses are hotbeds for radical ideology. There was only one class that I took that was political and that was a sociology class as an elective. However one thing they focus on is logical reasoning, enough so that we sometimes instinctively reject arguments that focus on appealing to emotion while being blatantly illogical. As someone who had gone through college not to long ago I include myself in this as well. For most in academia students usually talk about direct cause and effect type problems and do not touch on the complexity involved when taking human reactions into account. But what academia least prepares you for is that many people are not open to changing there opinions, and even that some will violently disagree without any factual basis. It is unexpected to come across either a mind closed to reason or a completely emotional argument after focusing on logical reasoning. No matter how much you try to reason with someone, a mind changed against his will is of his own opinion still. As such you have to learn to tell the difference between the open, and closed minded and give up on arguing to the closed, your wasting your breath and both of your time otherwise. Often with insults, or another statement lacking in factual basis, someone who focuses on logical reasoning can be trolled into providing a reasoned response to nonsense. This poll and my response being a perfect example of such.
AlexaGeek says2016-12-24T23:18:09.9998177Z
@Arget Well reasoned response. I think what everyone on this post needs to remember is that not every college and student is the same. Even I ignored this obvious fact in making my response, regretfully. There are some colleges and acedemics beings destroyed by political ideology, as idealogues will often prioritize their idea over reality (even I've been guilty of this), so there is a real issue that the question fails to really pinpoint. The real issue is that people are allowing political ideology to take priority over academia in some acedemic circles, and it's not an extreme left exclusive problem, either.

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