Are Trade unions still necessary or not?

Posted by: abbasi.d

I need help determining whether or not trade unions are a necessary part of our society or not.

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39% 16 votes
  • Unions keep us from becoming sharecroppers.

  • There is just as much exploitation in the modern world as there was a century ago, but more than forty years ago. The difference? Unions.

  • It gives us workers a voice in an oppressive capitalist system

  • There seems to be more employers who treat folks better nowadays and it is probably to avoid a collective bargaining threat. If there were no unions, employers would be motivated to work trades people longer and for less. Trade Unions also have the benefit of an apprenticeship for consistent and quality workmanship. While local governments can make you take a test and require time as a helper, it's not the same as a workshop instruction by a pro. There are some who learned the trade from a family member or family business but not every tradesperson has had that luxury.

    Posted by: Try2XL
  • Unions are the only means a working person has to protect themselves from being used and abused. At-will employers don't have to have a reason to fire you. Unions keep it fair. Its a misconception that unions keep bad employees at their jobs.

    Posted by: JRM
  • Unions are required to protect the middle class by keeping wages at a fair level, otherwise (in a world of 7.5 billion people) it's a rat race to the bottom.

  • Trade Unions are necessary because they give the ordinary worker the power to bargain for a fairer deal in the workplace. When the employer is given the voluntary option whether to pay a fair days pay or to pay holiday pay, then, most employers would not. The employers basic desire to lower the operating costs of the company, always put the cost of employing staff as an operating cost. The incorrect logic means that the lower he/she pays the staff, saves the company money, therefore the company would be better off. Staff happiness and welfare is not considered.

  • They were never necessary. They attempt to increase the power of their members at the expense of potential entrants, and nonmembers. They're effectively cartels.

  • Unions are breeding grounds for poor work ethic.

  • Look if your an iron worker or work in some very laborous job. Sure, you may need some help from labor unions. But for these teachers who are complaining. "We make no money, we need more vacations." Give me a break. You get 2 months off plus 3 additional weeks. And maybe you would make more money if your students actually learned something.

  • Unions are sold as voluntary organizations. But, they always end up getting state favoritism. They do more harm than good.

  • Unions were definitely good back when people worked twelve hours a day in hot, dangerous conditions, but that was mainly in the 1800s and first half of the 1900s. Ever since then, they have been pushing for less work and more pay - a veritable economic disaster. I believe unions should just preserve what they have done now. Also, they should be voluntary. In some states, if you get a job, you forced to join a union, even if you don't want to. Make them optional, and stop pushing for less work for more pay, and I wouldn't mind them.

  • f**k the poor people

  • Trade unions are disruptive in the workplace and their practices has an impact on the business. They install an ethic that they are the solution to whatever Management do. Their should be more legislation to curb their power and a counter argument in every workplace "The reasons not to Join a Trade Union" as it stands the propaganda spouted by trade unions is biased.

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paintballs_96 says2013-09-11T14:38:27.3840899-05:00
What are we agreeing or disagreeing with? That trade unions are or are not necessary?
abbasi.d says2013-09-11T16:44:36.8584109-05:00
Do you think that trade unions are necessary? Or do you think trade unions are no longer necessary?
fordfan602 says2014-05-13T13:12:30.1252847-05:00
As a union tradesman, I totally agree unions NEED to exist. I make enough money to pay my bills and live comfortably. I work for my money, and the company in turn makes money. The slogan "Divided We Beg, United We Bargain" is still very true today as it was many years ago. Standing together as a collective voice is the ONLY way for workers to be heard. It disheartens me to hear so many people against unions, considering we not only help ourselves, we help all those who work around us (through better pay, better working conditions, etc.) I know that some may have had a bad experience with unions in the past, but all a union is, is a voice of workers (if you don't like it, stand up and say something). It reminds me of so many people that don't like politicians, but won't vote to change it. All in all, if unions were to vanish tomorrow, living conditions for whatever middle class there is, would diminish very quickly.

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