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  • No

59% 10 votes
41% 7 votes
  • Yes, there is so much more to UKIP other than withdrawing from the EU and stopping immigration. And that in itself puts millions of jobs at risk overnight or do UKIP conveniently forget the over one million Britons that work outside the UK in the EU? UKIP also: -Wish to withdraw from the European Convention on Human Rights (Council of Europe) and subsequently repeal the Human Rights Act 1998. Yeah, this means you lose MOST of your rights -In a time when we are tight for cash, UKIP wish to unnecessarily increase Defence spending by 40% including arming us with more nuclear weapons (think of the cost) -Want to legalise smoking in pubs, this will cause more health issues to those picking up second hand smoke, why should non-smokers have their health damaged by others in PUBLIC areas? -Want to axe 2 million public sector jobs -CUT public spending to 1997 levels in a time where poverty is rising, not to mention the Conservatives have shown us Austerity has failed -LEGALISE discrimination based upon sex. Yes that's right, UKIP are not only against foreign people, but against even British women. This include scrapping maternity leave. -Support an INCREASE in using dirty fossil fuels by building more coal power stations, abandoning wind farms, stopping the UK's funding to the UN's climat change panel and banning schools from showing "An Inconvenient Truth" I mean what more can I say? Racist, sexist, against the environment, against foreigners, anti-Europe, they want to drag Britain back centuries! Oh yeah, and take all your rights away...

  • Yes they are, the overall theme of UKIP's policies is that is was better in the good old days. It is backwards thinking, undoing a lot of progression that has been made. I believe a united world is a better world and that we should aim for free and open world wide labour markets. If someone can come from another country with a different native language and poorer education system and take a job wanted by someone brought up under the native language, with access to a great education system, I think that is more of a reflection on the person unable to get that job than the immigrant.

  • They are dangerous for oligarchs only.

  • UKIP is the only party who fights for the true interests of Britain as an strong independent nation and not a state among many in a socialist union.

  • UKIP unlike the conservatives or any other party are the only party that at least addresses the problems that the uk is currently facing right now and actualy listens to the concerns of the british people and reacts on it. How on earth is stopping worthless useless immigrants coming into Britain by the boatload 'dangerous'? How is introducing a fair tax system of all that makes it possible to actually run a business and allows poor people to become better off and 'rich' people actually enjoy thier lives unfair? How is taking back the once thriving Multibillion pound British fishing industry giving people jobs and stopping foreign trawlers from raping our seas to the point of extintion only to blame it on the British fishermen that dont exist because thier businesses where trashed by the greedy EU bad for Britain?! If you seriously think that the EU is Beneficial to Britain then you probably dont live in Britain as it is today and the fact that people do explains why Britain is collapsing beyond repair.

  • Come on. Progression? Are you aware that the EU loses 120 or so billion euros a year in corruption? True progression would be deserting this bizarre, detrimental economic amalgam of countries as soon as possible. The EU is severely economically challenged, and it's proven. The only way to improve the other than do away with the things that cause the challenges in the EU as a whole is to strike off the hand that endangers the limb in Britain.

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Rhodesia79 says2014-05-26T08:06:22.4387104-05:00
There dangerous to other UK parties.
Zylorarchy says2014-05-26T10:48:52.6253226-05:00
Cold-Mind: they are dangerous to everyone, and should never be allowed to get into power.
Zylorarchy says2014-05-26T12:11:11.6868940-05:00
Rhodesia79: UKIP is the only party who fights for the true interests of white middle-upper class male Britain. Even then, UKIP wants to damn us all by abandoning the fight against climate change, and that alone would be enough to deter my vote for them.
Rhodesia79 says2014-05-26T14:03:15.8066217-05:00
That's exactly why they're the best party! You just proved my point.
Zylorarchy says2014-05-26T15:16:03.9325049-05:00
Rhodesia79: Oh so according to you, everyone in the UK is white middle to upper class male..? And climate change is no threat?
Rhodesia79 says2014-05-26T21:37:45.0986198-05:00
Of course they're other people in Britain besides them, but they are the true people of Britain. UKIP doesn't discriminate against women they just don't want big government controlling private business' controlling everything they do. Over here in America we call that freedom. If a boss wants to hire a man because they need someone they can count on they have the right to hire someone who's not going to be gone for mouths at a time. Brtian is full of immigrants ever since they gave up their borders. All UKIP wants do is limit the number of immigrants coming in. That's not racist, it's common sense. They also don't want to have most of their laws made outside of their country. The British people should be the first concern of the British government. That's not racist either. Just like the first concern of the Nigerian government should be the Nigerian people. Is that racist? Anybody who calls them self a Liberal (at least here in America) could never admit that a person of color could ever be racist.
LiamWhlaes says2014-05-27T09:47:50.1622186-05:00
Rhodesia79: I think you will find that there is a reasonable split between men and women in Britain and actually UKIPs policies do discriminate against women as they are campaigning for gender discrimination. Companies should see employees as an investment within a person, the horrific way in which women are pushed out of work when they do go on maternity leave would only worsen with UKIP in power. An employee having a family should be supported by an employer as it shows a level of maturity and Parents, in particular women, have been shown to be better employees, http://gender.stanford.edu/news/2012/are-mothers-non-ideal-employees Net migration to Britain has been unaffected by the EU free job market policies http://news.bbcimg.co.uk/media/images/62576000/gif/_62576899_migration_624.gif The laws made within the EU would still be made if Britain was not a part of the EU and Britain would still be hugely effected by those laws, even if they were not "forced" upon Britain. The difference would be that Britain would have no say in those laws. At the moment the British have votes and vetoes on how these laws are formed. "Anybody who calls them self a Liberal (at least here in America) could never admit that a person of color could ever be racist." - Wow, just wow, this just shows your level of ignorance and your views on equality. Everyone is capable of being as ignorant and small minded as you are, whatever the color of their skin
Rhodesia79 says2014-05-27T10:42:43.1931666-05:00
Well I don't agree with you when it comes to maternity leave, but I guess that's difference of opinion. Britain is full of immigrants even if the EU has unaffected the flow (which I doubt) so cutting back isn't a bad idea and if it's not the EU it's the current UK Government allowing their country to be flooded. Becoming an citizen of another nation is a privilege not a right. I don't understand how if Britain is not in the EU then how does EU laws sill affect it? If you could explain this maybe I could agree with you, but at this point it makes no sense. In my last comment about race I said that because Zyorarchy is a liberal and liberals here in America believe that only white people can be racist. I'm a conservative so this is not my view. I said this because he would have had a hard time trying to call Africans racist for caring for their people since in his mind Africans can't be racist. I'm a conservative so I'm not that small minded. I was stating what other people believe not what I do, so I do not see how this shows my level of ignorance unless its towards liberals?
johnlubba says2014-06-01T00:59:17.8158475-05:00
What about the fact that UKIP want to abort all babies that have down syndrome?

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