• Yes

  • No

5% 1 votes
95% 18 votes
  • I love the violin!

  • 300 violin orchestra

  • Saying violins are annoying would probably insult most classical composers to the very core. The violin is one of the most distinguished instruments and for a reason!

  • The violin is a wonderful-sounding instrument, I have no idea why you would find it annoying (except maybe when one of them gets to a really high pitch...).

  • The violin is awsome. I play it. To say that it is annoying is an insult to the composers who created the foundations of music

    Posted by: NiamC
  • It's only annoying when you play it just to annoy people.

  • Violin is only annoying when a composition is poorly written or annoying in itself.

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Jessie2903 says2014-06-27T22:53:43.4671465-05:00
They are only annoying when people don't know how to play.
quitbitchin says2014-06-27T23:33:33.1864591-05:00
Sometimes I love them sometimes I don't.

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