Are Virtual Reality schools better than Real-Life schools?

Posted by: Bubbleduck987

The reason behind this poll is that I am studying 'Player 1' in my Computer Science class and I need data to back up my homework!

  • Virtual Reality

  • Real-Life

25% 2 votes
75% 6 votes
  • Sure, in the future VR schools can replicate potentially dangerous situations in VR instead of being IRL and having the possibility of being hurt.

  • Enough things in this world are digitized. I think that school is a place where there should not be technology but just people paper and pencils.

  • Real life because it's not the same as technology. You don't learn anything in virtual reality schools.

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ashlyn.leandra says2017-10-01T13:35:29.1442634Z
Real life is better than the virtual reality because through real life we get to learn something and to an extent we are sure that we have understood the concept whereas virtual reality is just for time being.

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