• Yes

  • No

6% 2 votes
94% 32 votes
  • If you have the ability to register to vote in the first place, it should be just as simple to get an ID.

  • If you're not competent enough to get an ID, you're not competent enough to vote. It is not difficult, and it will help prevent voter fraud.

  • There are 5 types of voting laws; No ID required, Nonstrict Nonphoto ID required, Nonstrict photo ID required, strict photo ID required, and strict nonphoto ID required. this means that apart from the %36 of states that require no ID, At most you are required to have a photo ID before voting, (which is only 9 states) this is as strict as it gets and yet there is no way to discriminate against someone simply because of the laws. one could deny a ballot to someone based on race, but that would shift blame to the person, not the law

  • If you have to complain about getting a voter id, then that means you are probably doing something wrong.

  • Anyone, Not matter what race, Can get I. D.

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PitPat says2017-08-23T14:39:59.3133614Z
Considering how many things that you need an ID for in America, I'm not sure why voting should be different.

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