• Yes

  • No

31% 34 votes
69% 76 votes
  • I think it is, because Russia is as just a big threat as they were in the old Cold War. They are threatening us with nuclear weapons and stationing troops in other countries. "Call them provocations, aggressions or mere maneuvers, but the actions by Russia echo the bygone Cold War, ended a quarter century ago, analysts say." -CNN.com

  • I feel like we are because we have always had a tension between Russia and they are starting to stack up their forces, They my wait for something to happen before they attack but I feel like they are ready for what comes in the future and we could highly have another cold war

  • My opinion is that the United States plus the rest of the Western World are moving towards a second Cold War with the Communist Nation Russia. I think this mainly because we both share different ideologies and Russia continues to attempt to take more countries and turn them communist. A few events that are pushing us closer and closer to this is Russia's Annexation of Crimea and their military intervention in Ukraine. I believe that if Russia continues to commit other acts such as these, we will be in a New Cold War within the next year or two.

  • I believe that with everything that is going on in the world that another Cold War is likely to occur. You really don't want to think about it but you must because it is a very important topic. Countries are struggling and the economy isn't helping anything; also, with increase in terrorist groups it is going to be a necessity to stop these groups from taking over the world. Many view this problem as minor, but it could take off into something major that could have a lasting cultural change and impact that nobody is ready for

  • Considering how the Russian federation has tried to annex Crimea and had invaded Ukraine, I feel like there is going to be a new cold war, it might not be now, but if it continues what it is currently doing, Then it wont surprise me when it does happen

  • I think due to Vladimir Putin's uncompromising views, along with the stubbornness of NATO and the United states, another Cold War is imminent if not already started, with the Ukrainian crisis showing that neither side was willing to peacefully compromise without some sort of threatening or leverage, leaving us to wonder when tensions will boil over.

  • I think that there is a new Cold War. With diplomatic tension and mysterious military activity its going to start something sooner or later.

  • I think it is another Cold War. Russian is creating a problem by threatening us. Who knows what they will do next. Russia will start another Cold War. "Russia is ramping up its presence in Syria, which increases the danger of confrontation with the United States," -Andrej Krickovic

  • We are already are another Cold War. There are two proxy wars that have been going on between the U.S. and Russia, with one in Syria and the other going on in Ukraine. The armed conflict seems to be coming soon. Bombers have been moving closer and closer to their opponents for either country, with the U.S. having many European sites for their missiles near Russia. For many years Russia has been rebuilding its military force to impress the U.S. while the U.S. is now positioning for battle with Russia. According to The Telegraph, "Russia and NATO are actively preparing for war."

  • i think wa are because we have been having differences with russia for the past few years and i just think they are going to get worse.

  • Yes I do there has been a lot of tension between the UN and Russia. And Russia has not been too cooperative with the UN. And it does not help with all the events that have gone on recently so that adds even more tension to what there has been.

  • I believe a Cold war is approaching. The communist country of Russia is building up its forces and waiting for out country to be at its weakest to strike. A proxy war is already begun between between Russia and the U.S. and another with Syria. Bombers have been making their way through the western world, "The New Cold War will be the struggle between NATO and Russia.

  • I believe so because we don't seem to get along with Russia and that means that we sure can have another Cold War, but hopefully we'll be ready for whatever Russia throws at us.

  • the new cold war is ok because when we fight we win and winning gets us better and better.

  • I think we could be going into another cold war because we don't really have a distinguished friendship with them. They threaten us with nuclear weapons and even though we have nuclear weapons too and our military is strong i wouldn't want to underestimate Russia because we have no idea what they could be capable of and its a very touchy subject and i just don't think we should be getting into disputes with Russia because even though the U.S. is powerful Russia is as well.

  • I believe that a "New Cold War" had already happened. The fighting that has been going on between the U.S. and Russia is going to eventually lead to another cold war because, military maneuvers have been moving closer and closer to both sides it is just a matter of time till one hits one another and it becomes a military war.

  • If you take a look at events around the world, it is plain to see that a New Cold War is forming. Russia is trying to expand its control into the Ukraine among other countries. Russia is flying stealth planes near the U.s and ignoring our demands to stop. China is strict about who we deal with, like Taiwan and North Korea.

  • I think there is a new cold war due to the fact that Russia annexed Crimea and has intentions of eventually annexing Ukraine. Also, with the issue in Syria, Russia supporting the Syrian President, while the US, is supporting the Syrian rebels. Putin also has intentions of bringing Russia back on top, he is tired of Western nations being on top. ALTHOUGH, when Trump becomes president, the tensions will die down.

  • I believe that we are in a new cold war because of all of the tensions and possible threats. U.S. and Russian relations have been weakening and agreements that have been made between the two countries are beginning to collapse. The Russian president wants power and he sees us as a threat. If he sees us as a threat and there are constantly more and more problems, then i believe that it should be considered a cold war. Furthermore, with Trump being the presidential elect, he is already talking about trying to ease relations with Russia. If there is a need for peace talks, then i think this is considered a cold war.

  • Russian leader Vladimir Putin violated the international law more than twice. In February 2014 Putin allegedly invaded Ukraine and annex while denying any Russian involvement. In response Russia was kicked out the the G8. On a separate occasion NATO began a military build up near the Russian border. Putin responded by violating the international law and preparing more than 15 hundred nuclear weapons. They are doing all these unethical things and Trump is all for it.

  • I think we are in a start of a new cold war, Russia has threaten us with nuclear weapons, they also have hacked in to the US servers and released a lot of emails.That a Russian fighter jet fly's within 30 feet from a US Navy ship. Although Russia is economically weak, many experts say its military is much improved from a decade or two ago. That if we get in to a clod war it will be more dangerous Clod war.

  • i think that we are going to be in another cold war because on the daily banter there was a headline that said "Trump is almost certainly trying to start a new cold war".

    Posted by: 18king
  • I think we will end up in a new cold war because Trump will run his mouth and not know when to stop. Or maybe once Saudi Arabia or South Korea gets their hands on nuclear weapons that are given to them by Mr. Businessman Trump, the'll turn around and use them on us. Hip hip hooray!

  • I think trump will send us into this second cold war but i think he will be able to handle himself. i think this because he might make NATO members pay to be part of NATO if they want to be protected. this will cause something to go wrong and push the cold war further.

  • I believe we are in a cold war because of all the tension between all of the countries today. "Trump will be able to end the new cold war by making a treaty with Russia to stop all nuclear threats. -https://www.thenation.com/article/will-president-elect-trump-end-the-new-cold-war/ And to me this means that we are in a cold war right now because you cannot end something that is not real. To conclude this is why I believe we are in a cold war right now.

    Posted by: swayze
  • I feel that the tension between the U.S and China based on Mr. Trump's recent comments may put us into another Cold war because China does not agree on a lot of Trump's views.

  • I believe we are entering or already in a cold war because of all of the tensions that are not just all militarily but ethically and morally. As stated in http://thedailybanter.com/2016/12/donald-trump-cold-war-china/ It seems as if trump is "goading" other countries and this could only worsen the tensions that are already causing trouble for the countries

  • If we aren't now i think we will be soon. Trump has already made it clear that he plans to run the U.S. just like other dictators he openly admires, and he constantly uses the threat of nuclear warfare to scare Americans.

  • Donald Trump has no filter when it comes to speaking to other countries. He makes the United States look like we are bad and judgemental people so i do not doubt that in the next 2-4 years we will have a new Cold War. Donald Trump is the greatest threat to democracy, so therefore he will ruin everything good that has came from the cold war.

  • I feel that we are in the beginning of a new cold war. According to nbcnews, "Russian cyber warriors have been hacking, leaking, planting false stories, and sowing chaos for years, experts say. The cyber intrusions into the U.S. political system are simply the latest example." I feel that if we are not at war with a country then they should not be trying to inflict pain to our country. I feel that we are in the beginning of a New Cold War because Russia has had many actions that have left a bad effect on our country. This ranges from them attacking an undercover agent in Moscow to hacking into our government systems and taking and spreading certain secrets. I feel that Donald Trump will improve relations between the US and Russia. He sees Russia as being a good resource in certain ways such as fighting ISIS. He is more open to working with other countries and if he does then I feel that Russia will work with us and quit trying to cause pain to our country.

  • The reason that I chose yes is because of the events that I researched when I researched the "New Cold War" showed me that they were accurate with what is happening. The Russians hacked into an american political party and shortly after emails. Therefore, I believe that the new cold war is happening.

  • No, not even close. The US overthrew dozens of democratically-elected leaders during the Cold War. The US won the Cold War: Russia is a shadow of their former power.

    Posted by: kbub
  • No, not yet.

  • I don't think there will be another cold war yet. Maybe eventually if our differences become stronger. I just hope it doesn't happen

  • I do not think we are in a new Cold War. I do not think we are in a new Cold War because the continuing tensions do not make for a new Cold War. Today, the Russian government is more interested in territorial expansion than the Cold War belief of the communist revolution.

  • I don't think we are in a new cold war. Sure, we still have arguments with Russia but for the most part it isn't our focus. The war on terrorism is highly more important, so I think that the cold war isn't even a priority right now.

  • I don't think we're in a "New Cold War" because I don't think the first one ever ended. Tensions haven't decreased between the US and USSR. Ever since the space race and things like that, what reason would Russia have to like us? More recently, we are coming together little by little with them because of terrorist groups like ISIS.

  • I don't think we are in a "New Cold War" right now. I think we have the potential to be, but just not right now. The countries who didn't like us during the first war probably still don't like us. There has been tension through out the world but that is, unfortunately, normal. At the moment, tension seems to be rising between the US and Russia, so I believe a New Cold war could happen.

  • I do not think we are in a new cold war because they are simply continuing tensions between the nations. Also, a new cold war is not our main focus right now, nor is it Russia's main focus.

  • Not yet. I do think that our disagreements with Russia are big and important however, our foreign affairs overall and the war against terrorism is the overall picture. Russia is not our biggest concern.

  • I don't think that we are in another cold war because i don't think the tensions are strong enough. I think that maybe if the tensions become strong enough that there is a chance, but as of right now i don't believe we are in one.

  • This is 2015, there wont be a 'New Cold War,' because if two country's ever do decide to pick a fight, they will just bomb each other. Or, they'll just use some old play ground bullying techniques and ignore each other.

    Posted by: ecec
  • I don't think we are in a new cold war quite yet. I think a new cold war could begin at some point in the future, but right now I don't think Russia is the biggest of our worries. We obviously don't agree with many of Russia's policies, but I think a new cold war is still a few years away

  • i don't think we are in a new cold war Russia is not our priority right now we are focused on more important issues rather than focusing on who the best country is.

  • Even though we are possibly second cold war does not mean the United States has to get involved understand what the Russia is doing is completely wrong but if we get involved it is not going to be good for the United States

  • no i dont think we are

  • I do NOT think we are in a new Cold War and i don't think we should be. The U.S. and Russia just need to get along. The World has enough problems as it is and we need to stop worrying about having pointless drama with Russia. We need to get along, join up, and fight together against terrorism like ISIS. Another reason is that the drama going on now with Russia is not nearly as convoluted as it was in the Cold War.

  • I think in the beginning it will be for the first few months, then it'll heat up and other countries will get involved causing world war 3, and soon after that who ever is losing will most likely drop some nukes, and once the dusty clears it wont matter who is on top because the world will be destroyed

  • I had picked no, because as of right now there is no fighting going on. And if they were to be fighting and it was classified as a "cold war" it would quickly turn into ww3.

  • I do not believe that we are in a cold war. Not yet any way but we are getting close to one between the US, plus the western part of the world and Russia because of Russia's presence in Syria, and the fact that the US and Russia can't resolve their current issues either

  • We have the potential to be but I don't think it could happen anytime soon. We have our conflicts with Russia but I don't think anything will progress and further

  • I believe it us possible for us to have one but i do not believe we are currently in one. if tensions continue to grow between NATO and Russia as well as between Russia and the United States alone, it could definitely happen .

  • I believe that we are not in another cold war. I feel this way because there are other more important things at the top of our priority list.

  • I don't think that we are in a "New Cold War" yet, because we haven't exactly solved our disputes with Russia, and NATO. But seeing all these ISIS issues, I do believe that we could come together to put an end to it. When there is the danger that something goes wrong as powerful militaires become more aggressive.

  • 17woodringm I do not think that we are going into another Cold War. I feel that a lot of people like to worry about this kind of stuff, which makes it all happen. I believe that the tensions between the majority of the countries in conflict have never simmered down. Therefore, these are simply ongoing conflicts that are trying to be made into something more extreme.

  • I say no because people are just using the term as a "possible" event., Not in the case that there is one, and even though Russia has had some tensions with other countries doesn't mean they have carried on today. Because leaders change and more important things to deal with come up. Also Russia has increased their economic ties with the outside world which now is helping them not going against them. And reading about Cold War 2 they have came up with the conclusion that its a "misnomer". They also say on the Brookings website that if a new cold war does ever happen it would just make for more conflict and further problems.

  • I don't think so, because tensions between countries exist indefinitely and inevitably, but today, I don't think it's enough to call it a New Cold War.

  • I don't think we're entering another Cold War because theirs only a little tension between the U.S. and Russia, their were reports that they were discussing a peace agreement. President Trump has made allegations agreeing to that statement also saying he doesn't want to start or be involved in another Cold War so his plan is to come to peace at ease with Russia, but it hasn't gotten that bad yet to be considered the New Cold War. https://www.thenation.com/article/will-president-elect-trump-end-the-new-cold-war/

  • I feel that this so called "new cold war" will be just like the last one. There won't be any declaration of war. So far, there have only been a few minor threats, and the disputes that Russia and the U.S. have had did not lead to anything that would foreshadow a war. Furthermore, there have not been physical battles like there were in the last Cold War, so how could this turn into one? Finally, it is pretty obvious that Vladimir Putin will happier now that Trump is the President-elect.

  • At this current moment in time there is not substantial enough evidence to fully claim that we are in the midst of a “New Cold War”. While the territorial expansion of Russia is undeniable, the recent election of Donald Trump bodes very well for our foreign relation with Russia as Vladimir Putin himself endorsed Trump for President. Whether or not Russia plans on renewing its plan to control eastern Europe it seems as though this time we have a chance at staying out of any sort of Cold War and possibly even managing to stay friendly with Russia. This union could prove very beneficial as it will open paths to have every major world power all collaborating under one flag and prevent future catastrophic events such as another world war which would be much more likely if we continued our previous path of tension under the ruling of President Obama.

  • I say we are not entering a new cold war because there are no real tension right now. people say there is tension but not that escalated to call it another cold war. people would say the spy being tackled is tension but hes a spy hes always i danger if he is trying to locate intel in a foreign country so that's not rally a good reason to say if it was an ordinary person it would be different but hes a spy and that's his job.other than the incident with the spy there has not really been any other incidents to signal a second cold war between the US and Russia.

  • i dont think that their will be no cold war because i think trump can handle every thing an we will be allright

  • My opinion on this question is no because even though we have our differences, we don't have a strong enough tension with Russia to start a new war.

  • no, I don't think that there will be a cold war because Trump is trying to befriends with Russia. Russia is not going to befriends with the U.S because they have nuclear weapons and they have stationing troops that are stronger then us.

  • I don't think that another Cold War will happen under the Trump Presidency. I think that dropping NATO and becoming friends with Russia will allow trade to be more versatile and it will limit the chances of a nuclear war starting.

  • I don't think we are in a cold war, reason being there is no battles going on with another country. The biggest threat people are worrying about is Trump dropping his alliance. But Trump will not start a new cold war, and there is also no war now.

  • I don't think that we will enter another cold war because trump doesn't want to enter one. A cold war is a renewed state of political and military tension between opposing geopolitical power-blocs with one bloc typically reported as being lead by Russia or China, and others led by the United States or NATO. Trump called for cooperation with Russia for the sake of the U.S national security and he alone refused to indulge in the rampant fact-free vilification of Russian President Putin.

  • I don't think that we are at the point yet where we have to result in another Cold War. Yes Trump is very nuclear and we don't know what to expect from him, but his attempt at a "friendship"with Russia could either really help or could eventually be disastrous. Either way you look at it there are always risks no matter what route is taken.

  • To be honest, the Cold War wasn't really a war. It was more of an era. Now as we might be in a new era, that doesn't mean we are in a new Cold War. Even though we have some tensions with Russia, they aren't as bad as many people think.

  • I don't think that we will have a New Cold War anytime soon with Trump as president. Although other countries may want to have another one, Trump doesn't want another Cold War right now. Maybe in the future but not right now.

  • I don't believe its possible due to the fact that we currently don't have any wars going on.

  • I do not think we are in with a new cold war, the tensions are constant, if there was going to be a new cold war, it probably would've happened by now..It doesn't seem like the USA nor Russia are focusing on a cold war anyway.

  • I don't think that we will be in a cold war after the Donald becomes inaugurated. Since he's friends with a dictator with the name Vladimir Putin, he'll probably implement some of the nice things that the Russians currently have, like state-controlled television and non-democratic elections because he hates all of the news outlets such as the "failing New York Times." The already non-democratic nations will then see us as allies, and the possibility of a Cold War with Russia will be eliminated.

  • I do not think we are in another cold war, becauseI think that if it's going to be a problem now then it never really ended in the first place. Things may cause it to become more dangerous and cause even more problems with us especially with who we have in charge of our country. Russia may not like that Trump is trying to be civil and may do more harm just because of it. Therefore causing more conflict and getting us set for another war.

  • I don't think we are in a New Cold War because there are still tensions that have never gone away. There definitely is a possibility of it happening though if new issues arise between the US and Russia. But I don't think there's really ever a chance of both countries getting along. I also think that because of today's technology, that neither side will step down if it came to actions needing to be taken. Trump may or may not make things worse by trying to cooperate with them as well.

  • No, not yet. Our differences are great enough yet but might be someday.

  • I do not think we are in a new cold war with Russia. I think that our conflicts with Russia have not escalated that high. Russia is moving into surrounding countries militarily to help certain movements in Syria and Ukraine. If anything I think that our conflicts with Russia have generally deescalated over the past few decades.

  • I believe that we are on the verge of a new cold war because Barrack Obama and many of his officials have criticized and accused President Putin. If Hilary Clinton was the new presedent-elect then i am very positive that we would have already been engaged in a new cold war due to her criticism and calling Putin "the new Hitler." I believe that with determination Trump will be able to get our country off the brink of the new cold war.

  • No we are not in another cold war because we are closing ties with Russia. Also, we are trying to come to an understanding with all enemy countries. Trump plans on using china as the external power. During Trump's campaign he called for cooperation with Russia to build a better National security

  • No I don't think so because trump has ties with Russia and his trying to come to common ground with all US enemies. Trump is going to use china as an external source. During Trumps campaign he called for cooperation with Russia for the sake of the US National Security. We are in a predicament where it could go either way , but honestly Trump is trying to better the world by making peace with the right countries instead of still trying to fight them. Although we have many advantages with our military and the money to fight Trump is trying to come to ties with his kind of people.

  • because Trump is repeatedly ask for cooperation from Russia

  • We aren't in another Cold War, or at least not yet. Tensions are rising and they don't seem to be calming. Our new president probably wont make things any better either.

  • I do not think this is going to be another Cold War. The first Cold War was an arms race and an ideological race between the Soviet Union and the United States. This new conflict that is going on does not match the previous one in that aspect. Also, even though there is no real fighting between the US and Russia, there is smaller fighting that is going on in Syria and Ukraine.

  • I do not believe we are in a Cold War at the moment. There are not extreme tensions between us and Russia at the time. I do believe that there is a very real possibility of us starting a new Cold War especially with our president-elect. According to The Nation, Trump has called for cooperation with Russia repeatedly; however Trump is a business man and will tell people what they want to hear. That is his job. According to CNN Putin supporters like that he is standing up to the US and saying enough is enough. If he decides to make a threat that makes Donald Trump angry Trump could start a New Cold War by saying something dumb that makes Putin angry instead of looking for cooperation like he said. But, overall I do not believe we are in a Cold War now, however I think it could become a possiblity.

  • I do not believe that we are in a new Cold War. I believe that is a little bit of tension, but there will always be tension because of new technology that is being invented that could affect the world as the whole. Additionally, every nation has a different view point, so there will be those who argue just like normal people.

  • There is no way there is a new cold was is afoot. This is only something that the mainstream media throws at people to make them scared. Our president (a liberal) has been shutting out Russia because he's scared of them. After Trump won, Putin (Russia's President) personally congratulated Trump on his victory and stated he was looking forward to improving relations between our two countries. The only reason we may believe there is a new cold war is because we have a wimp as a president.

  • I do not believe we are in Cold War, not saying that there wont be one because there most likely will be but not right now. The country is too focused on the new president and his views on Muslims and Mexicans. Also, the first Cold War hasn't really ended, the tensions between the US and Russia have not decreased or increased. But, during Trumps presidential campaign he called for cooperation with Russia so the possibility of having a Cold War could decrease.

  • i think we have not reach the new cold war yet. i think if Trump makes it through his first term and gets reelected, we will end up into another cold war. because Trump had to repeatedly had to called for cooperation from Russia.

  • No I not yet but I do think we have the potential to start a new cold war due to continuing tensions between countries that were in the cold war becoming greater

  • I do not believe that we are anywhere close to another Cold War. In my opinion, I think it is all media streaming causing people to believe something that is not true. With the media making everything a big deal in this time in age, I think anyone would believe anything. With that being said, I think it could be considered an example of mass hysteria in a sense that it is causing so much trouble for people when it will not happen.

  • Although it is possible that it might happen in the near future, I do not believe we are in a New Cold War. In the first Cold War everyone was ready to launch missiles and attack each other but it never happened. Now although we have the weapons at our finger tips, neither side is eager nor have their fingers on the triggers ready to fire at any moment. So, I do not believe we are currently in a New Cold War, but it is possible to happen.

  • I believe we are not going to be in a new cold war anytime soon. Trump is trying to be friends with Russia and stop being enemies with them. With trump trying to be friends with Russia it will get rid of the military tension. (Wikipedia)

  • I personally do not think we are in a new cold war because there is not enough evidence to say so. Tensions may be high, but i do not think that that is enough to say there is a new cold war.And even though there are tensions and disputes i don't think anything major will come from it

  • I dont think there will be a new cold war because of trump being the president

  • No i don't think it ever stopped because there is still tension between the nations. i feel like people are to worried about witch makes it happen more and more.

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arose19 says2015-11-23T14:06:04.7313728Z
I do not think that we are in a "New Cold War" because even though there are continued tensions, they would not lead to another Cold War. This is because Russia is more interested in territorial expansion and ultranationalist rhetoric than a communist revolution (cnn.Com). Also, I think that if we had any kind of war, it would be World War 3.
Jeffreyfry_4 says2015-11-23T16:58:23.3466992Z
Were are entering into a possibly a second Cold War because Russia and the United States have different ideologies and the communist nation Russia continues to take more countries for Communism.
sammywammy29 says2015-11-23T19:10:06.4115944Z
I feel as though we are in the start of a new cold war because of all the terrorism and conflicts occurring around the world. It may not seem like we arent in one, but we are. Dealing with Russia is one of our biggest issues right now and since they are spreading to Syria it is only going to make matters worse. There are mostly bads and some goods with this conflict. I honestly dont think it will get better because this is just the start of another cold war. ISIS has also made this question seem to be true, but if you look at it there is terrorism everywhere. Some (ISIS) are bigger than others. If we dont get ISIS and Russia under control talk about WW3.
HelenJesseShafer says2016-12-07T17:49:11.3168948Z
I feel that we are not in a start of the new cold war because our tensions are constant, they did not just arise. It has been and most likely always will be a continuing feeling between us and Russia. Do we have the potential to become a new cold war? Yes I do believe we do, but I do not believe it will happen.
hannah_myers says2016-12-07T18:38:33.7758848Z
I don't think that we are in a "New Cold War" but we may be in a few years. We have very high tensions with Russia at the moment, but I don't think that we are officially in a "Cole War" with them. Trump is trying to start a new cold war it seems because he is constantly making fun of Putin or annoying him, but currently I don't think we are in a cold war. I could see us entering a "new Cold War" in the next few years, but I think we just have to wait for other countries to get tired of trump annoying and making fun of them.

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