Are we wasting our time on lbgt rights when the economy is in such a bad state .

Posted by: Formerland1

Please explain either way .

  • Yes , we are wasting our time

  • No, this is not a waste of time .

27% 4 votes
73% 11 votes
  • Equality means more than money.

  • no we can do both as long as the economy is out main focus

  • I call it pacing. Killing the people who put us in this position can be done later.

  • Money is worthless, its only worth is the worth we give it.

  • Our economy is actually beginning to stabilize again, over 1 million jobs created this year SO FAR, and the housing bubble is fixed and people are able to sell and buy houses again. Besides even if it WAS bad (which it's not), did we stop women's rights or minority rights because of the great depression or ww1 or ww2? no, we didn't.

  • What discomfiting said.

  • No. You CHOSE to waste time by not allowing a group of people the rights that they are entitled to. YOU are making an issue out of a non-issue out of religious butt-hurt. And don't tell me that it isn't religion because there is not one secular reason for the approval of gay marriage and the like. So. Just give the people what they want and get it the heck over with!

  • LGBT issues don't prevent people from complaining to politicians about the economy. You think congress isn't capable of multi-tasking? -_- I think we pay them far enough money to multitask.

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Formerland1 says2014-07-06T15:22:15.6377637-05:00
I will not submit my answer.
Criomorph says2014-07-07T11:29:39.7300825-05:00
Furthermore, LGBT rights do not effects the economy in a negative way, nor does attention on them effect it in a negative way. Greedy politicians and idiotic denizens do.
Formerland1 says2014-07-07T12:26:06.9222937-05:00
No , what I mean is what should our main focus be . I personally think there are more problems in the world the lbgt rights and that it shouldn't be our prime focus .
discomfiting says2014-07-07T12:36:45.0362202-05:00
Nothing is really ever government's number one focus. You have some politicians that are driven and elected to change social issues and you have others that are driven and elected to change economic, establishment, and other reforms. Some have it as their main focus and others don't. I don't even view it as government's number one focus considering how less bills get passed now than during the Do Nothing Congress and how congress congress gavels in and gavels out in like 28 seconds for their pro-forma or just constant filibustering. The number on goal of the senate is pass bills, number one goal of the house is to block bills, & the number one goal of obama is to do something at all which is why he takes executive orders to do things like act on immigration reform and ban federal gov. discrimination to transgenders.

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