Are women treated equally to men?

Posted by: Mister_Man

Realistically speaking... Are women offered the same opportunities and given the same rights as their male counterpats? PLEASE EXPLAIN YOUR ANSWER!!!!1!!1

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Women have to fight harder than men from the get-go. Men are handed management positions or positions of power, such as corporate or CEO spots. There is a "glass ceiling" that women hit, and this is mostly due to the misogynistic men in power.



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Women are given the same opportunities and rights as men. It's their personal choice and biological differences that created "inequality" in the sexes and positions of work and care. There's also more important things happening worlwide and in our back yard (like when the hell is the next BBQ, amirite) that we should be paying attention to.

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Mister_Man says2014-11-22T18:35:17.6739555-06:00
If anyone choses to vote on "are men and women equal," please leave, as that's not what I asked. Thanks for your cooperation.
Mister_Man says2014-11-22T18:58:05.4698475-06:00
Tonius - Mind giving an example or two for each gender?
Emilrose says2014-11-22T19:17:16.2801547-06:00
I'd say the second one is correct in stating that personal choice and biological differences largely dictate to any perceived inequality. Statistically, more men than women pursue positions of power--hence why there's a different in *some* wages.
Mister_Man says2014-11-22T19:24:04.7454279-06:00
I think the main thing is most people interprit the "wage gap" as from job-to-job, for example, John works as an accountant in Texas for "Earnie & Old" and makes $50/hr, and Jane works as an accountant for the same firm and makes $38/hr. This is not the case. The "77%" is the overall earned wages for the entire gender. It just happens that men pursue higher paying jobs than women. The funny thing is when Mike is paid less than Jim for literally the same job, nobody bats an eye. But as soon as Mike's name is Maria, everyone cries and riots. Well not really but you get it.
Hanspete says2014-11-22T19:36:25.0153377-06:00
Choices are too black and white for a concise choice.
Mister_Man says2014-11-24T16:34:34.2616530-06:00
SORRY this is in regards to North America. Never crosses my mind that I should bring up WHERE I'm talking about considering most equality activists/feminists are in North America. And Hanspete, you can just give your opinion in the comments here, you don't need to pick one of the two answers. Or you could pick one an elaborate on it.

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