Are you 100% certain that a giant floating baby head does NOT exist at the center of our universe?

Posted by: vaguelyjewishclearlyfab

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gingerbread-man says2015-01-07T14:14:46.0754473-06:00
That depends.... How big is it? Are talking about red dwarf big, or just several multuples bigger than a "normal" baby's head
wildmanz says2015-01-18T20:07:13.9839985-06:00
Like i said I AM THE CENTER OF THE UNIVERSE FIGURE IT OUT its not quite a baby head
Lukas8 says2015-01-28T09:13:35.1600283-06:00
What? How high are the possibilities that thereĀ“s a floating gigant-head (upper part of body) of specific species (aka Homo Sapiens) in the absolute geometric centre of our universe? Who knows maybe its only 1 ly away from the centre, maybe it isnt a human head, maybe its not a head at all. But hey what if there is nothing like this at all?

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