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Wylted says2014-05-08T05:04:13.9655058-05:00
I don't believe in cat people or dog people. I doubt humans can breed with cats or dogs to make either a cat or a dog person.
Comrade_Silly_Otter says2014-05-08T10:26:30.7214406-05:00
Not the intention of the Poll, but that would be.. Interesting.
Fight4Liberty says2014-05-08T22:57:59.7631961-05:00
Cats; Are hygienic, less work, affectionate Lack; the ability to defend an owner, are difficult to train tricks Dogs; Are trainable, sometimes dirty, can be used as a defense mechanism, affectionate, alot of work So really, I have no idea. Grew up with cats. Love cats. Love dogs XD

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