Are you a girly girl or a nature person?

Posted by: young_lawyer_extreme

I am a nature person all the way! I love all animals

  • Girly girl

  • Naturalist

40% 2 votes
60% 3 votes
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Stefy says2015-06-20T20:29:43.8425236-05:00
Um...Im pretty sure its extremely possible for girls to be both.
o0jeannie0o says2015-06-20T22:29:04.0200824-05:00
Yea... I am both? Love nature, im a wiccan, literally worship it... But still would like to wash my hands before meals and pee in a toilet if i can. Just because you are clean doesn't make you high maintenance. I also like to do makeup and wear dresses, have fires and camp outside not exactly opposites.
That_Catlady says2015-06-22T19:04:24.3613378-05:00
What about neither? I do respect those who can pull off one or both looks, but to me Girly girl makes me look a bit tacky and a naturalist makes me apear homless. Which why I have to dress in a modern style rather than either one of these looks.

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