• Yes

  • No

41% 12 votes
59% 17 votes
  • Yes. I became one recently.

  • In a foreign policy sense, absolutely. In a personal sense, not entirely.

  • Conflict should be avoided when possible.

    Posted by: bodhi
  • Yes, I am pacifist at heart. There is no reason to fight over resources anymore. We have the technology to share equally and have everyone lead a good quality life. However I am realistic; for as long as people are greedy or cannot accept differences, then perhaps war is necessary, or at least being on the defensive.

  • Yes, at this point, man should be able to be diplomatic

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MyDinosaurHands says2014-05-12T15:54:49.3085592-05:00
@Comrade_Silly_Otter Then you aren't a pacifist.
Comrade_Silly_Otter says2014-05-12T15:57:07.0098569-05:00
Its a natural instinct, something gonna kill you, disable or kill it. Can't argue against that
USN276 says2014-05-12T16:26:11.5034987-05:00
@comrade, you aren't a pacifist. Incase you didn't know, pacifists are really that stupid that they want you to be a victim from anything.
WheezySquash8 says2014-05-12T19:30:18.8618987-05:00
@USN276 I understand where you're coming from on your opinion on pacifists, but could you please not generalize and call all of us stupid? That's kind of mean.
USN276 says2014-05-12T21:58:35.4794987-05:00
Ok, sorry. Perhaps I should have said, the idea of pacifism is stupid and incoherent and it's followers are just competent. Tell right here right now we should have just layer back and let Adolf Hitler take Poland and kill over 3 million jews. Tell me right here that letting someone slice your family to pieces with a knife is better than killing that person before he does that.
Chimera says2014-05-12T23:11:11.4315917-05:00
@USN276 Pacifism isn't necessarily a 'stupid and incoherent' idea. WWII was a unique instance where war was not the worst possible evil, many pacifists even supported the war effort. Many more helped Jews escape from Nazi occupied areas. Now, letting someone kill your family with a knife isn't a pacifist solution. It is just a cowardly one. The pacifist solution would be to do whatever is necessary to bring your family to safety. If that means violence, then violence is the lesser of two evils here. Pacifism itself however, is really just the opposition to war and violence, not necessarily the abstinence from such. We view war and violence as being evil, but if they are the only solution to a greater evil, then they are necessary.
WheezySquash8 says2014-05-13T05:17:21.1143917-05:00
@USN276 Believe it or not, pacifists do not always think the way you think we do. Also, pacifists don't have only cons. If it wasn't for president Dwight D Eisenhower being a pacifist during the Korean War, the war would not have ended so early. If it was not for Gandhi, and MLK being pacifists, their minorities could have gotten hurt, not have been successful, or could've been viewed differently today. You do not know a person's viewpoint until you go in their skin, and see it for yourself. Before you judge, please at least not be so mean. I asked you to not make fun of pacifism in the nicest way I could, and you took it to the next step. I hope you realize that pacifism has it's pros, and cons just like everything else in this world. Nothing is perfect.
ESocialBookworm says2014-05-13T08:19:31.8045503-05:00
I was told I am a pacifist but I don't know why because I *censored by the DDO rules*
dichotomyslave says2014-05-13T19:06:57.4514901-05:00
War is a purely political thing, usually fought between different peoples, sometimes fought by forces within the same people over who is to be ruler. Nevertheless, the necessity of war is always a political decision, usually made by the aggressor party first. Someone convinced the others of the necessity of war, and the war commenced. Whoever was attacked usually had no choice in the matter, but sometimes they were given a choice, and it usually became a political decision in that camp, too.
USN276 says2014-05-14T16:37:43.8847637-05:00
@ wheezysquash8 and chimera then they are clearly not pacifists. You aren't a so called "pacifist" if you support some instances of war. If that was the definition of a pacifist, virtually all of us would be considered pacifists. The Webster dictionary makes it quite clear. "The belief that it is wrong to use war or violence to settle disputes." Pacifism doesn't always work. And actually, MLK supported the right to bear arms incase of tyranny. I am NOT saying non violent resistance will never work, I am simply saying pacifism won't solve wars and many situations.
MyDinosaurHands says2014-05-14T16:48:43.3123637-05:00
I'd say about 3/4 of the people on the yes side either don't know what a pacifist is, or refuse to answer correctly based on the criteria of a pacifist.
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