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Moderate (Third Option)

Moderates are, as the name would suggest, in the middle of these two extremes. They enjoy both debating and socializing on this Site. They may or may not be disillusioned with this Site's direction for whatever reason.
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Type One User

Type One Users, or "Debaters," use this Site mostly for debating and discussing the issues. You either are not interested in other activities on this Site (Site parties, games of mafia or fate, etc) or you think it's a downright waste of time. You m... ight believe that 90% of polls on this Site are idiotic and utterly pointless "spam," and the more you see such "spam" on this Site the more disillusioned you might grow. If you are a Type One User, you may be considering Edeb8 as a better alternative to Debate.Org because there's less "spam.   more
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Type Two User

Type Two Users, or "Socializers," use this Site mostly as a kind of social network and source of entertainment. You may do a debate every now and then, but your heart's not really into it...Unless it's a troll or fun debate. Games like Mafia and Fat... e are more enjoyable to you. Likely you might idolize a certain user(s) on this Site and you like to hear the latest news about who quit the Site who came back to the Site after a long break. You might be a member of a DDO Party, or you may enjoy posting epic histories (often untrue but funny) of this Site   more
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Troll (User Type Four)

Trolls enjoy deliberately acting stupid in order to gain infamy, to ruin other people's debates/polls/forums, and/or simply to witness the angry reaction of Users.
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bubbatheclown says2014-04-01T20:11:52.1331119-05:00
Of course, there's always the third option (Moderate).
bubbatheclown says2014-04-01T20:20:59.0976595-05:00
I think that everybody starts out as a Type One, but many eventually end up switching to entirely Type Two or a Moderate.
draxhunter says2014-04-01T20:21:48.1747229-05:00
Nah there are trolls here that start out as trolls until they are dealt with.
yay842 says2014-04-01T21:00:19.1275878-05:00
Haroush says2014-04-01T21:56:33.6566954-05:00
I would say I am just over that line that divides the moderates from type 1.
HollyMaxSpencer says2014-04-01T23:57:29.4567787-05:00
I agree with Haroush

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